LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Start Helping Our Abled and Disabled Veterans

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By: Charles J. Flynn

Most veterans in western New York are not aware that county and town governments cap their property tax exemptions. These caps are rooted in a state statute giving county and local towns these cap ranges on veteran reductions on their tax bills.

In western New York the caps for Cold War veterans, (1946-1990) are set so only a reduction in assessment from $20,000-$40,000 exists.  This means disabled veterans are capped in the benefits they can receive. This is treachery of the highest order.

In Niagara county, officials that are pro-veteran are working diligently to raise these caps for their veteran constituencies.

In Erie County however, cries to help veterans on this issue has fallen on deaf ears. Veterans in every county in New York State should receive their FULL BENEFITS without local caps.

Accordingly, downstate liberals that control state statutes should start helping our abled and disabled veterans.


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