LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How Long Must We Wait?

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Niagara Falls City Hall


By: Thomas V. Merante

I read with great interest the article in the Buffalo news the week of 9/21/2020 regarding the State comptroller reporting Niagara Falls on the brink of bankruptcy since the Seneca Nation of Indians stopped paying casino revenue in 2017. Niagara Falls, will soon merge with another town or village and share essential services like Police, Fire Fighters and city workers. Governor Cuomo who constantly moans about needing a federal bailout, why not press the Seneca’s for the 250 million plus dollars they owe the state.

They’ve lost twice in arbitration, what does it takes to get them to pay. How about shutting the water and electrical off, block the entrances Take back our city instead of doing nothing. Let them suffer the same pain this city and it’s residents feel everyday instead of continuing to fill their pockets. They just eliminated 450 good paying jobs, and have hundreds of people still out of work on furlough... Niagara Falls can then get their $30- $50 million dollars and regain some fiscal stability. Fix the streets that are destroyed, knock down the 100+ abandoned buildings that line the streets of downtown, add to the police force in host cities that are seeing an unprecedented amount of killings, etc.. The City leaders need to do something to help instead of waiting for Cuomo to tell them what to do.

How about we stop going to the Casino, use the money that you’re going to lose and instead save for your grandchildren’s education, or buy a new appliance, how about fixing up the inside or outside of your house etc.

Lastly, before their Nation president responds that they have invested a billion dollars in the 3 locations where the Casinos reside, just remember that we have turned that investment into 3 billion dollars for them. Stop with what you give us Mr. Armstrong and do what’s right and give us what you owe the state and cities.


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