LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Group of Karens Ruined Grand Island Development

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By: Sarah, An Anti-Karen

Grand Island is a community filled with hard-working and dedicated individuals. I have lived here with my family for years and could not be more proud. 

That being said, this whole Amazon debacle has me irate. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what happened with “Project Olive” and Grand Island. Of all the places in Western New York to build a distribution center, they chose here. 



And why did it it fall apart? A group of Karens. 

The excuses were unbelievable. 

“Our property values,” said one resident. 



“The bridges,” said another. 

“The noise,” was even one person’s excuse. 

“The environment,” was another’s.

But what more could you expect from a group of Karens. 



Do the Karens not realize that hundreds, if not thousands, of trucks pass through Grand Island as it is? Our island is one of the main thoroughfares from Canada into the United States. 

Let’s talk about property values. If any of the Karens took the time to read the supporting documentation provided, instead of sipping Starbucks and making colorful signs to protest the development, maybe they would have seen that the proposed location would not have put the distribution center “in someone’s backyard.”

As far as the environment is concerned, are you kidding? Yes, let’s throw a wrench in an opportunity to provide 1,000 jobs for our community because you’re worried about the ozone layer. 

I hope each of the Karens who protested drive a Prius. 


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