Letter of Thanks from Family of Samuel Ferraro

Samuel M. Ferraro

By: Gina Bellreng, niece of Sam Ferraro


Most of you remember Sam Ferraro as a hardworking colleague, mentor and friend.

For my entire life he has always been my Uncle Sammy.

In 1998, at the age of 13, I suddenly lost my father to a heart attack.

From that day forward, my Uncle Sammy was a constant source of strength when I was learning to find my own.

He made sure my Mom and I never spent a holiday alone and walked me down the aisle on my wedding day.

He offered guidance and advice (even if I didn’t ask for it) and taught me one very important lesson.

If you want something you work your butt off and go get it yourself.


Our family wants to recognize the amazing outpouring of love and support during this difficult time.

To the members of the Niagara County Legislature and the staff of the Niagara County Center of Economic Development, your words have truly shown us what an impact his life had on you all.

Although my children will never get the chance to meet him, I will share your memories so that they may know how truly special he was.

Every kind word, call, text, and card has helped us try and fill that void in our hearts.

My uncle did not want to remembered for his struggle or how he left this world. I ask that you please remember him for his character, work ethic, contagious laugh and all the wonderful things he did for Niagara County.

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