Legislator Godfrey Presents Checks to Town, Village of Wilson

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Godfrey, Phillips, and Lawon.


By: Staff Reporter

Niagara County Legislator Dave Godfrey presented checks to both the Town and Village of Wilson to help them meet the local contribution requirement for projects receiving state funding through the New York State Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI).

Godfrey explained the REDI program was designed to fund projects that will help lakeshore communities deal with issues associated with Lake Ontario flooding.  The state provides funding for 95 percent of the project, but the local government must come up with the remaining five percent before work can begin.

“We all know the negative impact Lake Ontario flooding has had on our community and we appreciate the state creating the REDI program to help us battle this problem,” said Godfrey.  “But the program requires cash-strapped local governments to come up with a portion of the funding when local government budgets are already stretched thin.  That is why Niagara County is stepping in with funding to help both the Town and Village of Wilson.”

Wilson Town Supervisor Doyle Phillips said the town currently has three REDI-approved projects: the Town of Wilson Water Tower, Sunset Island West Barrier Bar, and Roosevelt Beach Bridge Waterline.

“The Sunset Island West Barrier Bar and Roosevelt Beach Bridge Waterline have been scheduled to begin this year once the funding is in place,” said Phillips.  “The $10,500 the county is providing, coupled with other dollars identified by town, gets us to where we need to be for everything to move forward immediately.  We very much appreciate the efforts of Legislator Godfrey and the entire County Legislature to support our projects. “

Village of Wilson Mayor Arthur Lawson said the village has two REDI-approved projects: the Village of Wilson Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Village of Wilson Townline Pier.  Lawson said the pier project is scheduled to move forward this year.

“Legislator Godfrey secured $19,838 that has been instrumental in helping us meet the local match requirement and we thank him for his tremendous efforts on behalf of the Village of Wilson,” said Lawson.  “This is just another great example of the way lakeshore communities and the county have continually collaborated and shared resources to battle the flooding problem.”


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