Led by NT Youth, Niagara County Young Republicans Have Strong Showing at Second Meeting

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The Niagara County Young Republicans had another very successful meeting on Monday night. The topic was immigration.

The council members started the meeting off by talking about where the organization would be heading and future plans for member growth.

President Alex Quinn and Vice President Jake Quinn talked about the “Raising the Flags” event that the Young Republicans will be putting on for Sunday May 27th. On this day the Young Republicans will be visiting various businesses on Oliver Street in North Tonawanda and hanging beautiful, hand stitched American Flags for Memorial Day in honor of all of America’s fallen heroes.

The Marketing Director Kiel Davignon spoke about the organizations 100 member goal that would like to be achieved by the end of the calendar year. He also announced that they will be taking part of the annual Canal Fest Parade with a decorated truck and parade float.

The organization’s Spokesman Erik Domin wrote a wonderful speech about his Mexican heritage and what it means to him being a Mexican-American. Secretary Joe Marranca spoke briefly on future fundraising ideas the organization is pondering such as dinners, banquets and other activities.

Frank Panasuk, a fire arm consultant and Niagara County 2nd Amendment forum member spoke briefly on a political action committee he is currently forming called “The 1791 Society.” The PAC will be based in Niagara County and Erie County but they are looking to gain membership state wide. The purpose of this PAC is to support and defend the United States Bill of Rights in its entirety and will fight to preserve Second Amendment Rights in the State of New York.

Niagara Falls Councilmen Christopher Voccio was also in attendance on Monday. He spoke briefly on immigration and gave the organization advice on how to grow as a group collectively.

Special thanks to the head of the Niagara County Republican Council Rich Andres for letting the NCYGOP use his headquarters for the meeting. Mr. Andres is the mentor of the organization and has been giving his advice to all the members on how to successfully run the organization as he is a former Young Republican himself.

For more information on upcoming events and meeting please contact NCYGOP@yahoo.com.








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