The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Democrat “leaders” like Hillary seize upon the “opportunity” of this tragic disaster to try to make a 2nd Amendment political statement! Clinton and Schumer have already started, and Sanders and Warren are saying, “We MUST stop these senseless killings and STOP the NRA!”  “Eliminate these KILLER bullets!”  As if there is such a thing! “Anticipate these events!”  How? “Screen all gun buyers!” “Eliminate all assault guns!” (define “Assault Gun”).

Have you noticed these “leaders” always have criticism, cynicism and blame Republicans, but NEVER offer solutions? Why? Because they know there are no solutions! You cannot stop someone with a gun or bomb set on self destruction!


Hillary just said that if the Vegas shooter’s gun had a silencer, the crowd and lawmen would not have been able to locate where the shooter was located, so we should fight the NRA on gun silencers. Hillary knows as much about silencers and guns as she knows about “How to become President”… NOTHING! As any lawman, military man or hunter will tell you, it is not easy to locate the source of gunfire outdoors, it bounces off everything!

The smoke detectors in the assassin’s room were what alerted security. The flash and bang from 500 rounds was NOT enough for the police or anyone to locate him. The gun smoke gave him away!

Those ignorant of firearms and silencers should keep quiet!

As far as silencers are concerned, the “report” from gun fire comes from 3 sources: the “explosion” of the gun powder in the bullet, the mechanical noise of the operation of the gun, and the loudest, the noise of the bullet breaking the sound barrier! You cannot “silence” the noise a bullet makes when it breaks the sound barrier, which is around 750 feet per second at sea level. Almost all rifles exceed 750 fps, even a .22 caliber rifle. A lesson on this is “subsonic” .22 cal rounds sold at most gun stores. The 700 fps rounds are as quiet as a pellet gun and you only hear the “noise” of the gun’s mechanical operation. You cannot silence any revolvers because the bullet is not “sealed” in the chamber, like a semi-auto pistol. But you say you saw Robert De Niro screw a silencer on a revolver and shoot Al Pacino with a silenced revolver and it made no noise? I understand… Dorothy, that’s Hollywood and the Land of Oz!!!

A full auto “anything” makes so much noise, normally, from the gun mechanics, that if you use a silencer you cannot, oftentimes, tell that the gun is even silenced. I’ve shot numerous experimental, silenced, full auto rifles from 9mm Ingrams (1200 rounds per minute) to different 30 cal, 223 even AK47s, M14s to M16s!  On a gun like the AR 15 or M16 the muzzle velocity is so high with a 223 cal round (about 3200 fps) a silencer does nothing and will NOT melt the barrel, as I heard a “News” reporter state (the new rule for journalism: if you don’t know the facts, just make them up?!) If you slow down the bullet to reduce noise, you lose so much effectiveness; you may as well shoot an air gun!

In movies, all those big bore guns with “silencers” that go “psst” are a fabrication! It can’t happen except in Hollywood!  Unless you can slow the bullet below the speed of sound which only Hollywood can do, silencers are ineffective on supersonic bullets, and that’s science, not Hollywood!

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to prevent tyranny… not to allow hunting and gathering nor home defense. The sole purpose is to prevent people like Barack Obama, backed by George Soros, from “changing” our country from a Constitutional Republic to anything Soros/Obama!!!


Remember we talked about proof and what is reasonable, in the last issue? Let’s apply that to the Vegas shooter with the limited info we have, so far:

A “normal,” non-criminal guy with millions of dollars and everything to live for… hooks up with a “Philippine” woman who is an Australian citizen who probably has nothing, lives with the rich guy, and disappears to her “homeland.” Suspicious, but not enough info, yet.

This is the logic… if she was indeed in the room, would it be reasonable to assume that she saw the guns and other things that he assembled? The answer is, “Yes.”  If they have her on cameras in the casino and going in the room with him, she is in trouble; in the least, of a felony . So, whether or not she was in the room and when, is very critical to the probable cause. That’s my opinion!

Also when did she leave town? Did she see all the guns in the house(s)? The police and FBI will have these and many more questions answered.

There simply isn’t enough info available, to us, to say anything about motive. However, with the speed of recovering info today, unlike years ago, before computers, they probably are on some motive trails right now. They will find the motive, I am certain. That’s my opinion.

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