Jenelle Faso Announces Bid for City Court Seat in Niagara Falls

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By: Staff Reporter

A private practice attorney since 2011 focusing mainly on criminal matters,  Jenelle L. Faso is launching her campaign for next year’s election to fill the seat of retiring Niagara Falls City Court Judge Mark Violante.

“I pledge to help the people of Niagara Falls as a sitting judge just as I have served them as a private practice attorney in a wide variety of cases in local, state, and federal court,” said Faso, announcing that she will seek the support of all political parties in her bid to win the judgeship.

“Just as I have as an attorney, I will work tirelessly to bring honesty, fairness, and objectivity to the bench,” said Faso, “and I am confident that with my experience not only in the law, but as a court clerk and Sheriff’s Department dispatcher, I have the background to be a credit to the court and to serve the citizens of Niagara Falls in the best possible way.”

Faso earned her criminal justice degree at Niagara University, going on to earn her Master’s Degree in education and her law degree at the State University at Buffalo, all while working full time as a dispatcher and dispatch supervisor at the Niagara County Sheriff’s Department.

In addition to her work as a private practice attorney with the majority of those cases in Niagara Falls City Court, she is a member of the Niagara County Public Defender’s Office where she represents indigent defendants in often very challenging legal matters.

Jenelle, the daughter of Town of Niagara Justice James J. Faso, Sr., and the sister of City Court Judge James J. Faso, Jr., resides with her husband Hugh, a funeral director at Lane Funeral Home, and her youngest son.

The hard-working wife, mother, and private practice attorney also finds time to serve as a member of several charitable and civic organizations including the Niagara County Bar Association, the American Legion, and the Niagara County Judges and Police Conference.

Jenelle is a board member of the Phi Alpha Delta professional law fraternity, the largest one in the nation, and supports the Lord’s Day Dinner and other non-profit organizations.

This experienced and well-qualified young lawyer asks for your support in her bid to become a judge on the Niagara Falls City Court bench.


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