It’s the end of the world as Paul Dyster knows it, and he feels fine


Wow, Mayor Dyster needs to take a chill pill…he’s scaring radio talk show listeners with oblique references to nuclear conflagration. When he appeared on the Darro show two weeks ago he told the host that “the natural gas reserves in the northeast have to be protected for the future in case we need them for World War III.”

Does the mayor know something that we – or the CIA or the Pentagon – don’t know? Does the self described “nuclear arms negotiator under the Reagan administration” have an inside track to the Obama White House? Does the three termer mayor have a red phone in his office patching him directly into Putin’s Moscow headquarters? Is that a hydrogen bomb in your pocket, mayor, or are you just glad to be re-elected by 47%?

Oh, and one final question Mayor Dyster: how does one mine for natural gas after the earth’s been reduced to nuclear rubble?

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