The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Call me a “Grinch” if you want, but what a few top executives at the FBI did was to commit multiple crimes including but not limited to obstruction of justice, interfering in a federal election, conspiring to commit both, possibly conspiring to fabricate evidence, fabricating evidence and, I believe, many more yet to come. They could even be candidates for RICO charges along with many Obama administration staffers! The DOJ has Rosenstein, Strzok and McCabe and other DOJ employees over a barrel right now! If the President is smart, and I hope he is, he should order AG Sessions to conduct administrative interviews of all three on violations of FBI and DOJ written policies, and determine their real involvement with each other and answer questions regarding unresolved matters. They can be “ordered” to answer, and fired for not answering! Mr. Strzok and Mr. McCabe both violated numerous rules and regulations. FBI agents are not allowed to participate in election campaigns, not allowed to “lobby” for candidates, not even allowed to speculate in the stock market, not allowed to associate with specified criminals or subjects of FBI investigations, not allowed to participate in or own a business, not allowed to wear campaign shirts, and many, many more. The FBI handbook used to be as thick as a Bible… DOJ, the same! Who solicited the contributions to Mrs. McCabe’s campaign?

Put all of them on “the box”… lie detector test, as part of administrative interview! Their statements may not be admissible in criminal court, but can be used as grounds for dismissal and loss of their $150,000 per year pension and other benefits!

Mr. Rosenstein, Mr. Strzok and Mr. McCabe should all be close to retirement! You don’t think Mr. Mueller would hold their retirement benefits over “their” heads do you?

These despicable “lawmen” tried to stop your duly elected President from being “duly” elected… think about that for a while. If the President were a lesser man, these conspirators could very well have succeeded!

Don’t think that this is the first time FBI Assistant Directors violated the law… Clyde Tolson and a few others are good examples!

In my humble opinion, we haven’t touched the surface of what James Comey and his “Apostles” tried to do… and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are as many as 12 of them!

The FBI agents who were “forced” to help “clear” Hillary Clinton, will tell all, as any good agent would do. I guarantee that they are just waiting to be asked! They knew after they got into the Hillary “matter” that Hillary is guilty as sin! When the evidence is “overwhelming,” like her Non-Disclosure Agreement was, you have a very good idea who’s innocent and who’s not! It’s obvious who lied and Mr. Comey is at the top of the list!

This whole mess begs for a RICO Case!

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