Is Poverty Industry Part of a True Growth Plan

While city hall top salaries have risen more than 35 per cent and casino cash was abused and the Dyster administration has ridden roughshod over residents and wasted taxpayer dollars a Poverty Development Plan has gone ahead full speed under the guise of economic development.

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster has produced and cited any number of “plans” for the city either in whole or by city district. Historic and business and entertainment district etc. We do not recall him ever citing a “social and addictive services business development plan” or related zoning regulations. Yet he salts these facilities throughout the city…where is the plan or the planning regulations? Does anyone believe these social service businesses are complimentary to parallel development such as retail, hotels, tourism…not to mention home ownership and quality of life?

This administration has made Niagara Falls the dumping ground for welfare recipients, sex offenders, drug and alcohol addicted, the poor, homeless, subsidized housing and its housing recipients. It can’t be an accident that this is happening this way.

The train station was, curiously, built in the north section of the city.  No one has ever quite understood why it was built there. We wonder if it was built right there for a reason. And the reason is that once operating it will be a direct transportation feeder for the unemployed, the welfare seeker, the out of the area drug addict seeking treatment facilities and so on. “Give them a ticket and send them to Niagara Falls” will be the motto as social service agencies and law enforcement from across the state send their troubled people here…all causing the local poverty industry to grow even more. Does that mean the station hasn’t got a tourism element? No but it has a critical poverty industry transportation element also. Consider the critical mass of poverty offices and agencies in the city…it needs to be fed and supported.

Consider the following projects:

Hope VI

South Junior housing project

Low income housing on Sixth

The Horizons addiction treatment center moving into the former Fichte eye center at 24th and Pine

A methadone treatment center for Walnut and Sixth

Bettered women’s shelter on 6th

Shelter for children on Cedar Ave.

Family and Children’s Services offices on Main Street.

YMCA homeless shelter

Gospel Mission on Ferry Ave

Parole office on Third St.

Sex offenders

And Dyster has asked for Syrian refugees

I believe the poverty industry growth been planned on multiple government levels all along and this explains the fast track of projects in the city and the city hall “hands off” approach with regard to zoning. Behind the scenes the city has been identified as a poverty center and Dyster is working hard every day to make it happen. You may recall the rumors of Dyster meeting with county social services in secret with regard to the Y homeless shelter project. Were there similar secret meetings with regards to the overall poverty industry in the city?

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