Independence Party of Niagara County Endorses Undersheriff Michael Filicetti for Sheriff

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Undersheriff Michael Filicetti who is running for Niagara County Sheriff.


By: Reporter Staff

The Niagara County Independence Party has endorsed Niagara County Undersheriff Michael J. Filicetti for Niagara County Sheriff.  Independence Party Chairperson Susan Agnello-Eberwein issued the following statement:

Ordinarily, the unexpected and early retirement of an outstanding public servant like Niagara County Sheriff James Voutour would be cause for concern.  However, the deft leadership hand of Undersheriff Mike Filicetti fits perfectly into Niagara County’s law enforcement glove.  This will be a seamless transition.  The undersheriff will become Acting Sheriff effective December 31, 2019, and serve in that capacity for calendar year 2020.  It is why after an extensive interview and careful review of his qualifications, the Independence Party of Niagara County has enthusiastically endorsed Niagara County Undersheriff Michael J. Filicetti for Niagara County Sheriff in the November 2020 election.    

Undersheriff Filicetti is a much-decorated professional law enforcement officer with 27 years experience and in-depth knowledge of all areas of law enforcement.  He has been undersheriff, second-in-command of the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, for the last eight years after being selected by Sheriff Voutour.  Undersheriff Filicetti has overseen every operational element of the Sheriff’s Office.  The position of Niagara County Sheriff is too important for on-the-job training.  Mike Filicetti will hit the ground running on day one.  No one knows more about the Sheriff’s Office than Undersheriff Filicetti.       

His career has included numerous citations and commendations.  He received multiple awards for a water rescue at Niagara Falls.  His actions resulted in a Certificate of Exceptional Valor from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.  Undersheriff Filicetti’s other recognitions include a total of six excellence awards and departmental citations, all for service above and beyond the ordinary course of duty.  He also earned a Sheriff’s Office distinguished service award for implementing procedures which have brought about improved safety measures for residents throughout Niagara County.  

He graduated from the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  This demanding ten-week program featured specialized classroom and field interaction with command-level officers from throughout the world, including Europe and Asia.

Undersheriff Filicetti is Vice-chairman of the Niagara County Traffic Safety Committee, Vice-chairman of the Niagara County Law Enforcement Foundation and Past President of the Judges and Police Executives Conference of Niagara County.  He is also a graduate of Leadership Niagara.

As impressive as his accomplishments are, he made it clear his focus is on what he wants to continue to do for the people of Niagara County.  His energies are directed toward the future.  He stressed some of his most recent efforts – being a member of the law enforcement subcommittee for the Niagara County Opioid Committee which is combating the spread of conditions that have ravaged so many in all parts of Niagara County; pushing for more school safety technology and School Resource Officers (SROs);  increasing technology in law enforcement by using body cameras and keeping pace with other advancements in technology; making available Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to members of the Sheriff’s Office to better confront mental health issues present in those they encounter when discharging their duties in order to ensure the proper law enforcement reaction.  He underscored that each of these measures is designed to protect law abiding members of our society and guarantee due process for all.  

He recounted his lifelong quest to become a police officer.  He was born and raised in Niagara County and when growing up told everyone within earshot he was going to be a police officer as an adult because he wanted to help people.  Undersheriff Filicetti renewed his pledge to his fellow citizens that as sheriff he would report to work each day infused with energy and determination to enforce society’s laws with fairness and independence in order to enhance the quality of life in every area of Niagara County.  Fortunately, his hard work has led to his dream being realized.  The citizens of Niagara County are better off because he was determined to complete what he set out to do.          

Undersheriff Filicetti reminded interviewers that he has sworn an oath to serve and protect the children, women and men of Niagara County and that nowhere in that oath did it mention partisan politics.  He said there is only one affiliation that matters to him – ‘citizen.’   

One of the Independence Party’s core principles is looking beyond political party labels and seeking candidates for public office who are devoted to delivering the best government possible by exercising common sense.  On this key point, Undersheriff Filicetti’s belief aligns with the Independence Party’s.  His commitment to the people of Niagara County makes him the party’s choice for sheriff.  The Independence Party is fully confident that as Niagara County Sheriff he will be an outstanding law enforcement leader for the people of Niagara County.  He has demonstrated personal courage, unquestioned integrity, skilled leadership and willingness to work with other law enforcement agencies, community organizations and individual stakeholders.   We are proud to proclaim our support for this rock solid career public servant.


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