Incumbent Collins Postures on Farm Workers

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Today, some House Republicans are attempting to pass a discharge petition to force a vote on the status of Dreamers, including Chris Collins and Tom Reed who represent the most rural communities in Western New York in Congress. The petition, however, will not pass without significant Republican support. This petition appears to be nothing more than posturing, and Congressman Collins has been posturing on this issue for quite some time.

Agriculture is the heart of New York’s 27th Congressional District. Chris Collins has stated that his support for the vote comes from the need to give farmers in the district a legal workforce. Nate McMurray agrees that no laborer should have to work illegally but thinks that we must do better. Our farmers deserve not just a legal workforce but also a permanent workforce, just as migrant workers deserve the safety of legal status.

“The vote is a step in the right direction but must go further. Chris Collins is acting too little, too late.” McMurray said. “During his time in office, Collins has failed to make any meaningful progress on the issue despite paying lip service when it is convenient.”

The workers and farmers of our district have been struggling to deal with labor challenges for two decades. The absence of any real reform has pushed us into a crisis but token votes only delay the real reform that farm workers and farmers in our district want and deserve. It’s time to get serious about taking care of our farms and it’s time to get the job done.









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