Home Buyer Seminar Pays Off for Young Niagara Falls Couple

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Nick and Tori Jarzab with realtor Cheryl Deal.


By: Tony Farina

For Nick and Tori Jarzab, attending Deal Realty’s Free Home Buyer Seminar last March in Niagara Falls has paid handsome dividends which they are just about to begin to enjoy.

The young Niagara Falls couple didn’t know if they could really afford to buy a home as they begin their life’s journey together only a year into their marriage, but they decided to attend the seminar and the experience convinced them that it was a realistic option and one they wanted to pursue.

Now, they are about to close on their new home in a residential area in Newfane and they are extremely excited about the road ahead as the high school sweethearts can’t wait to move in.  The new home has three bedrooms, 1/1/2 baths, and a nice yard, says Tori.

“We were really not sure we could do it, but after hearing about the possibilities from the experts, including investing money in a home rather than continuing to pay high rental prices, we decided to move ahead and started to save our money,” said Nick during an interview at the Deal Realty offices on Center St. in Lewiston.

“It eased our minds and we decided to try and do it,” says Tori, her face lighting up with a big smile as she talked about dealing with the experts at the seminar including a mortgage officer from Key Bank, a realtor (Cheryl Deal from Deal Realty), and others including an attorney and insurance agent who helped explain the process.



“They walked us through in a very helpful way and it gave us the motivation to give it a go, and we did,” says Nick.  “Now we can’t wait to get in our new home.”

“First-time buyers are often surprised when they see how affordable purchasing a home can be,” says realtor Deal.  “Many clients save thousands of dollars when they purchase rather than rent over a short 3-5 year period and they are very excited to find out they can afford to buy a new home utilizing the grants and bank programs that are available.”

Besides Deal, John Whiting, a Key Bank mortgage officer, helps present the seminars and deal with prospective home buyers and investors who want to get an up-close look at the process.  Many of the clients, says Deal, do not realize that home ownership is a feasible option.

Indeed, that’s exactly what Nick and Tori discovered when they attended the seminar and it helped them set their sights on preparing to make that investment and now that they have, they couldn’t be happier.



The next seminar, which will be held Saturday, March 14, from 1:00pm – 3:00pm, at the Key Bank office at 2429 Military Rd. in Niagara Falls, is billed as an event for first-time buyers or experienced buyers to find out everything needed to know about the home buying process from leading area professionals.

“The message to buyers is:  Let’s work together as a team so we can get you to a successful closing and you can reap the benefits of home ownership,” says Deal.

She explains seating is limited, so people looking to attend the March 16 seminar should call Deal at 754-3301 or register on line at DealRealtyOnline.com.   Food, refreshments and giveaways are provided.

Judging from the smiles from Nick and Tori and their obvious delight about their new home, it looks like a wise investment for people looking to explore buying a home to get the details on what is involved and if it might work for them.

If Deal Realty is looking to promote the process, they found  the right people to do it.  We wish them great happiness in their new home.


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