DiLaura: Hillary “Rotten” Clinton’s First Success; Congratulations Hillary!!!


Remember a few weeks ago when Hillary reported that ISIS made a “video” of Donald Trump banning Muslims from the US and is using it as a recruiting tool? Well, as most of us knew, that was what we call a LIE! There, of course, was no such video AT THAT TIME! Yes folks, another Hillary fabrication just like the “video” was responsible for Benghazi,” I was under sniper fire when I ran from the chopper”, my private server and emails were legal and secure and “you can’t have them” (wanna bet on that one Hillary?).


To say Hillary is a profound liar is as much a fact as my patented litmus test that “chickens do not have lips”! In other words, when a politician like Hillary, is trying to sell you a bridge to nowhere and convince you that “chickens have lips”, you can tell they are lying, in Hillary’s case, when HER lips are moving.



In her first real job as a lawyer, on a Democrat led Watergate Committee, that was trying to impeach Nixon, she hid a legal decision that would establish Nixon would be entitled to legal representation if he testified before Congress and THEN wrote a brief that there was no precedent! That lie got her called a liar, unethical and immoral attorney and FIRED by her well respected DEMOCRAT boss! You Hillary lovers should look up some of her past deeds instead of leaving you head stuck in that dark place you have them stuck and saying, “I love Hillary”.


Oh… I almost forgot, why is Hillary finally successful at something?


Well, apparently Al-Shabaad, a Somalia-based militant Islamist group aligned with Al-Qaeda, heard Hillary’s idea of putting Trumps’ statement in a video AND DID!!!


Way to go Hillary!!!… you finally got an idea accepted by someone! Unfortunately it was accepted by an enemy of the United States and gave Aid to our enemy but…”what difference does it make” …a little Treason among friends, hell if the President can get away with it, why shouldn’t Hillary? She thinks she’s President already!

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