Henry and Caroline Wojtaszek Receive Statewide Recognition

By Tony Farina

City & State New York is once again highlighting New York’s political power couples in honor of Valentine’s Day and among the select group chosen are a couple from Western New York who certainly are deserving of the recognition.

Henry Wojtaszek, president and CEO of the highly successful Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. and Batavia Downs Gaming, and his wife Caroline Wojtaszek, a Niagara County Court judge and former district attorney, certainly are most deserving of the recognition and deeply appreciative of being chosen as one of the state’s political power couples.

“We are truly humbled and also grateful for the recognition by City & State and will treasure it for years to come in what has become a wonderful journey for both of us,” said Henry Wojtaszek about learning of the selection.

Henry and Caroline Wojtaszek

In the selection article, the magazine noted that Henry and Caroline met on a blind date arranged by a North Tonawanda City Court judge who Caroline worked with and Henry’s cousin, a Niagara County sheriff who also worked with Caroline.

“We always made time to have a date night (or overnight) after a long week of constant stressful interactions,” they said in a joint statement in response to balancing their work-life. “While we take our jobs seriously, we never take ourselves too seriously.  We are a great team and are the parents of three great children which is extremely rewarding.”

Congratulations to Henry and Caroline from the Niagara Reporter for making it all work and for being recognized by City & State as one of the state’s elite power couples. Continued best wishes to the entire family.

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