Help Find a Path to Life for Children With DMD

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By: Tony Farina

Life comes with many challenges but very few can compare to the pain faced by the parents of a child with a rare genetic disease of which there is no known cure and leads to early death.

At this time, there is no hope for children suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) but with dedicated medical research, there is hope that someday scientists will find a way to overcome this deadly disease and give life a chance.

That’s why we are asking for your help by contributing to research to find a path to life for Suneel Ram of Amherst and other children across the country, mostly young boys, who are suffering from DMD and living with the hope that someday a cure will be found that may save their life.

The good news here is that there is a way to help support the research that is needed to fight this disease simply by purchasing a colorful and decorative coffee-table book featuring photographs and brief biographical sketches of 42 of Western New York’s most accomplished women.

The book, “Women in the City of Good Neighbors,” was commissioned and published by the Suneel’s Light Foundation with the hope of giving life a chance.  It is a charitable foundation that was established with the sole purpose of fighting and overcoming this deadly disease.

You can obtain this bright and eye-catching book for your home and at the same time contribute to this most worthy cause for just $40, plus shipping and handling costs, by going to the Suneel’s Light website,, or by calling 716-243-0882.

We all face challenges in our daily lives and we probably all know of someone close who is suffering from an illness and needs our love and affection to keep going.  We do our best, but sometimes there’s a chance to step up and do something that could eventually save many young lives down the road.  You have that chance right now.  

As a parent, I know childhood diseases all too well and can feel the pain of other parents who are living with children affected by diseases including DMD.  I’m asking for your help with a small contribution to give life a chance for these children.  I know you will feel better for it.

We are called the City of Good Neighbors and I’m asking that you respond to this call to arms to help give these children a chance to live.  What could be more important than giving these children hope?  

Thank you for the quick read and I hope that it tugs your heart in the right way and you can go to the website or make the call and contribute to this very worthy cause.


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