The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Apparently, a radical, right wing group was given a permit to hold a peaceful rally. Again, apparently, “Protestors” to the rally began arriving with helmets, baseball bats, and professional signs with clubs (disguised as sign posts), tear gas masks and canisters. They must have told the police they were there to protest peacefully, as THEY WERE ALLOWED IN!? Seems reasonable to me?!

Then, according to the police reports, confrontations, mostly one on one, broke out into fist fights and the police left to change into riot gear and came back. According to FOX News, one unidentified lawman reported that they were directed by superiors NOT to make any arrests without mayoral approval (try to visualize that scenario). Now “THAT,” I do believe because the criteria to be a Mayor “anyplace” USA is that you MUST have the “IQ of fish” to qualify.

Oh…you think I’m full of it do you? Please allow me to digress, I will just mention a few of the “worst” cities in our country. Mayor Emanuel-Chicago; Mayor de Blasio-NYC; Mayor Blake –Baltimore (replaced a crook); Mayor Lee-San Francisco: Mayor Wheeler –Portland. It wouldn’t be fair for me to list all the mayors of the “worst” cities in the country because some just took office and have not been able to show how dumb they can be when it comes to enforcing the law and backing up the police… but suffice it to say ALL of the above are Sanctuary Cities, all run by Democrats for years, and are the worst of the worst cities in the nation… ranked from 140 to 150th of the worst 150 cities (Wallethub.com7-7-17)!

DO YOU THINK IT COULD BE DUE TO A LACK OF LAW AND ORDER? How can the party of slavery (Democrats) not know how to keep people in line? I mean THEY started the KKK, you know, White Supremeness!

What does this have to do with Charlottesville, Virginia? I don’t know… but I do know a few things about law enforcement. First, NO Chief of Police, nor Police Department, as a whole, wants their people hurt or killed. They are sworn to enforce the law and will risk their lives to protect you and me. But, I have my doubt about whether a mayor, like any of the above, would take a bullet for their own mothers, let alone you or me!

None of us were there and to say who started the trouble. Who is responsible will be determined by good police work and then reported by the crooked press on the front page, if it was conservatives and NOT reported at all, if it was liberals but blamed on the conservatives (on the front page)! That’s another part of our nation’s trouble, dishonest press reporting!

I can’t imagine, myself, getting ready to keep the peace in a situation like we saw without suiting up from the “get go” in riot gear, UNLESS some NON -LAW ENFORCEMENT Executive (like a Mayor) said  NOT to wear riot gear (he wasn’t going to be there himself, you see), because if you were to ask ANY of the lawmen, “Why didn’t you bring a helmet and club to the dance, like the other party goers,” I can guarantee you it wasn’t their choice… they were ORDERED to NOT gear up by some of those “fish IQ” people! Guaranteed and my opinion!

It really doesn’t matter who started the trouble, from a law enforcement point of view, it’s who prevented the lawmen from doing their job keeping the peace? It wasn’t anybody who was to be at the scene, that I’m sure of!!! That should narrow it down for ya’!

Mr. Mayor, pick your Chief Of Police and tell him to enforce the law and that you will back him up… then DO IT!

You see, the way it works, a police baton doesn’t care whose head it whacks, a rioter is a rioter, the baton works on both Democrats and Republicans equally well. But… when someone wants to lead by political correctness and NOT our Rule of law, it seems he is NEVER in the trenches…hey…I have an idea, let’s suit up the mayors and put them on the front lines!! They can lead from the front, instead of their rears! You know, they can the  tell the police, first hand, who to arrest, who to tase, who to baton and who to shoot! Great idea, if I do say so myself!

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

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