HAMILTON: The Punk in the Pulpit

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By: Ken Hamilton

It’s time to overturn the table of a money-changer.  There seems to be a Punk in the Pulpit who slung mud at me and thereby risked getting his cleric clownish costume all dirty!

I want the readers to understand that I sent the man a private message that asked him for a meeting to resolve his looney subliminal assumptions and sexual allegations, but he pretty much declined any efforts for communications, understanding and truth and childishly distributed my private message to others.

Out argument is steeped in the ineptness of our 4th Legislative District Legislator Owen Steed, who is considered by his peers to be the most useless of them all. Though his district is designed to be a majority-minority district, and he is the only black member there – it ain’t due to racism on his colleagues’ behalf: it’s all him. His opposition joyfully have said of him that, “… he brings nothing to the table and his vote don’t count.” It’s because … “he brings nothing to the table and his vote doesn’t count.”

Don’t get it twisted, the Republicans have their slugs too, and likely they don’t bring much to the table either – but their votes and they do count!

Steed needs to be replaced.  I am at the point where I’d even be glad to have Kimble back; even though she did little to improve her crime-ridden district; but her hallmark wasn’t in holding free begged for banquets.

But if we held President Johnson responsible for escalating the war in Vietnam, Reagan for ignoring the AIDS epidemic, and Trump for the Trade War, then your county legislator – and police liaison – must doubly take responsibility for the crimes within his district, period!

The Punk in the Pulpit decided not to use any names during a MLK ceremony in my own family church when he added, “… but we know who we are talking about.”

I won’t name the Punk in the Pulpit either.  All I will say is that he desecrated the memory of Rev. M.L. King, Rev. Glen Raybon, all of my family members whose eulogies were spoken from that pulpit.  

New Hope Baptist Church’s Rev. Harvey Kelley said of that unnamed church’s last pastor, Rev. Glen Raybon, that Raybon did indeed open up Trinity Baptist Church for a lot of funerals for people who were not even members of the church. The Punk in the Pulpit desecrated their memories as well.

In his buffoonery, he who is unnamed, addressed the chief of police from the pulpit and told him that he too was armed. The chief never asked for that information!  Who would ever suggest that a registered concealed carrier disclose his weaponry status?  Why would you need to be carrying a weapon to church anyway, if your legislator has done such a great job eradicating crime in the district?

As the late City Councilman Bob Anderson would say, “Scary.”  

And yes, in the punk in the pulpit’s perverted diatribe, also indicating that I, “… must have the hots for … [Steed]”, (ewww), I am taking the complete context of his accusatory words and the association of his weapon as a threat.

But of further evidence of the foolishness of the unnamed one, his support of the ineffective legislator’s softness on crime, may simply be based in that they are neighbors in the same public-private, joint-venture, housing project owned by both the Niagara Falls Housing Authority and the Norstar Development Co.  If he feels so safe there as a result of the stellar job of the guy whom through his omission and commission aided in the demolition of the Niagara Community Center – once a crime deterrent element in the area, then why does the Buffoonaloian feel the need to have a weapon there?

I don’t know the rules there, and I wouldn’t now that the brutha is strapped except that he announced it; but while the courts have ruled that a public housing lease cannot preclude lawfully registered weapons, private landlords can – hence the private Centre Court LLC may want to look into it for the safety of us all.

In the meantime, the crying Steed needs to either get off his butt and get busy in creating programs and processes to reduce crime in his district, or resign; – and the unnamed one needs to quit embarrassing his church and “shuffle back off to Buffalo”, or Alabama, or wherever he may have submitted a resume after taking the job at the church.

For God’s sake, if he certainly can’t preach in his own family’s church, then why is he desecrating our family church? 


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