HAMILTON: Are Niagara’s Rainbows Glowing Under a Black Light?

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By: Ken Hamilton

An ugly argument broke out on Facebook the other day over the half-truths and lies that a white, openly lesbian, social justice warrior stated as being a matter of fact about a black male actual war veteran.

The War of Words escalated into a feverish pitch until both sides tired of the silliness. It all makes me wonder if the Niagara Falls black community, and the nation’s, really have to take a backseat to the activist gay movement so much so that they now have to accept the venomous insults of lesbian women? It also makes me wonder if such women will do for the gay movement what the 1987 embellishments and blatant lying stunt of Reverend Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley did for the black civil rights movement.

Sharpton, in a Johnny Cochrane, “If it don’t fit, then you must acquit” misstep, accused a group of white men in Duchess County NY of the kidnap and rape of a black teenage girl. In Sharpton’s case, the glove did indeed not fit. That misstep pretty much pricked the inflatable life raft and began the slow deflation of the black civil rights movement to the point that it barely even makes news anymore.

The issue at hand was in that the white lesbian called the war veteran a homophobic bigot because he was doing his job by taking 15-minutes to interview a surprising group of mostly black pastors who were protesting by singing hymns over the massive 43-couple gay wedding on Goat Island in 2008.

The lesbian said that the wedding party thought that they were hired as a part of their show – as if that isn’t a stereotype. Furthermore, of 43 same-sex couples, all but about 3 were also same race. Where’s the liberalism in that?

While it was true that the veteran spent 15-minutes with the pastors, he also spent 3-1/2 hours with the gay couples, a fact that the lesbian never mentioned, probably feeling that her position on the veteran being homophobic would not support her venomous spew with the insertion of that information. I suppose that’s what President Trump would see as fake news.

She also wrote to the veteran, “Your mind is very immature. You must have had to shut it down to survive the military. I’m sorry but I thank you for your service. It doesn’t happen to all- but for some reason you needed to do it to cope. Perhaps it was the homoeroticism. For whatever reason, your mind ceased to mature by 17 or 18 and never finished.”

If the mind shut down at all, then maybe it was because the veteran had to watch the bombs fall on the cities of Vietnam and knew that innocent family members were being blown to bits so that one day the lesbian could marry her girlfriend. Or maybe the veteran never shut his mind down at all and that it was the lesbian who had done so with her own brain.

But whichever it was, I had to ask the question if the Niagara Falls gay community don’t do a better job of controlling their message, and their attack dogs, will their movement fizzle like that of Niagara Falls’ NAACP, an organization whose leader had a major role in shutting down the oldest black institution in the city – the Niagara Community Center and Girls Club?

You can find the full transcript of the argument between the two on the Facebook page Niagara Community Forum, and a partial transcript on Niagara Falls Uncensored.

The irony of ironies is that most of the white women argued for the lesbian, but the black woman argued for the black veteran. I guess that we all tend to circle the wagons around our own vulnerabilities as many conservative women did when Dr. Christine Ford lodged unsubstantiated accusation of teen-aged sexually-molestations on her against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. While the mothers were indeed women, like the lesbian, they were more concerned about their knowledge in how easy it is that some women lie and about fate of their sons when those some women do lie.

As a result, I will be doing a series of interviews and written analysis on this topic to bring a fuller picture on Niagara’s rainbow movement. In the couple of interviews that I have done on gay men so far I have found that not all gay women are as fervently vicious as the aforementioned falsely-attacking social justice warrior, and that despite the woman’s bulldog-like protection of her beloved movement, there remains a lot of infighting among its many factions as well.

As for full disclosure in this matter, I am the veteran of whom I wrote; and my often restated positions on gay marriage and same-sex activities in America is that I am indeed against gay- and all state-sanctioned marriages; and that I fully believe that, in America, what two or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their own lives – even marriage – is nobody’s business and it ought to be kept that way.

See you next week; and you tell me, are Niagara’s rainbows doomed to be glowing under a Sharpton-like black light?


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