GUEST VIEW: A Resident’s Response To Learning The Niagara Falls Police Station Is Closed On Weekends

The Niagara Falls Reporter received the following email from a concerned resident in Niagara Falls:


“Are you aware that the Niagara Falls Police Office is closed to the public on weekends? I had reason to take a lady to the police station at 5:10 p.m. this past Saturday to make a report concerning harassment and when we walked up to the doors facing Main Street the doors were locked and signs advised that the office was closed on Saturdays and Sundays and a number to call was posted on the doors.We called the number and were told the office was closed and all officers were out on assignment.a call to 911 put us back to the operator who said they were closed again in a cluster f**k manner! We also tried to flag a patrol car just coming by and were ignored! We went to the State Police and were not admitted to file a report but were told over a closed door intercom that the report would have to be filed in Niagara Falls. We told them we tried and they did not care! Good luck to any person seeking immediate safety by going to the Niagara Falls Police Station on weekends in this city of very violent crime.”

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