Gooch Addresses Smear by Opponent

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Last week, a reporter called Legislator Jesse Gooch concerning a tax issue that was brought to their attention by Gooch’s opponent. Gooch responded quickly that he was well aware of the topic and he and his small business had agreed  to a resolution with the State several years ago. 

“Like many small business owners, I have had disagreements with the state regarding cumbersome regulations that are a burden to both employers and employees,” Gooch said. While these type of disagreements between businesses and NYS Department of Taxation happen all the time, Gooch pointed out that He has already accepted the responsibility for this disagreement and rectified this issue with the State almost a decade ago. “I have learned a lot during my time in business and have addressed this issue head on,” said Gooch.

Gooch wants to point out that he has come forward with his business’ tax information to prove he has nothing to hide. This issue is not recent and Gooch provided documentation from his firm’s accountant to show that he was current on all his payments to the state of NY. 

“People who are running for office try to use this type of misinformation to ruin another person just to get elected. It is unfortunate that some candidates for political office feel the need to dredge up non-issues in order to make their candidacy more relevant. These type of misleading attacks are exactly why people hate politics,” said Gooch. “I’m a businessman who got interested in serving our community because I want to make it a better place for my son and my family. If trying to destroy someone’s reputation by misinforming people is your idea of politics, perhaps you are in this for the wrong reasons,” said Gooch. 


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