Geiben recounts positive experience on Town Board

By Councilman William E. Geiben
Lewiston Town Board
This letter is being written to acknowledge the positive experience I have found during the past two years as a member of the Lewiston Town Board.
Those of you who know me, whether as a (retired) Lewiston – Porter teacher, or in my various roles at Artpark or
on many of the church and community boards on which I have served, know that I have a strong interest in history, government and community projects. Over the years I have met and worked with many individuals with a variety of personalities, agendas and leadership skills. These past two years stand out as one of my best experiences.
At present, the Town Board is made up of members of three political parties; Republican, Independent and Democrat work well together addressing issues, reaching consensus and resolving matters. The Board works cooperatively and respectfully with other elected officials, the Town Clerk and the Highway Superintendent. All in turn work with the departments, including but not limited to: recreation, senior services and water. These departments are not “stand alone,” but are sharing equipment, materials and manpower for the good of Lewiston residents with the intent to provide excellent service at an affordable price.
Credit also needs to be given to Supervisor Broderick who demonstrates outstanding leadership skills. He listens to all, researches, presents his position and makes recommendations in an effort to reach a consensus on difficult and even unpopular issues.
To continue the positive environment on the Town Board, I encourage you, the Lewiston voter, to re-elect Supervisor Steve Broderick and Councilman Alfonso Marra Bax, and to elect Vic Eydt on Tuesday, November 7.
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