Former Councilwoman Grandinetti Touts Piccirillo on Facebook; Calls Councilman Voccio “Racist”

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Former Niagara Falls City Councilwoman and adamant supporter of Mayoral Candidate Seth Piccirillo was active on social media this past week.

Between posting about national political issues, LGBTQ+ happenings and President Trump, the former Councilwoman found the time to post the following regarding current Niagara Falls Councilman Chris Voccio.

“You pretend to have the city’s best interest at heart…you are a union bashing racist,” said Grandinetti. The post is photographed below.



In a Facebook post, Councilman Voccio responded to the hate-filled attack:

First, let me say that I hold no ill-will towards former Councilwoman Grandinetti. I do not bash unions, I merely state that we need a better balance between public-sector unions and taxpayers, and I’m certainly not racist, as those of you who know me can attest. I love everyone, including Ms. Grandinetti, and I wish her nothing but the best in all things.



Apart from taking shots at non-democratic political leaders, Grandinetti also posted numerous times about her support for current Community Development Director and Mayoral candidate Seth Piccirillo.

In separate posts, Grandinetti applauded Piccirillo stating that, “Seth is the only responsible choice.” That post is included below.



In another post, Grandinetti shared Piccirillo’s Tweet discussing his idea for a Land Value Tax, stating that, “this is the guy we need.” That post is included below.



Lastly, Grandinetti took a veiled shot at Mayoral Candidate Robert M. Restaino, among others, for having signs on what she describes as “vacant lots.” The post reads as follows:

Being a former elected official I am reasonable aware of election law and I’m curious why candidates are putting their signs on vacant lots and vacant buildings? This is clearly not allowed the only Candidate that I haven’t seen you do this is Seth Piccirillo…A candidate who plays by the rules.



Grandinetti did not elaborate on any specific locations of signs.


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