Forget Hochul, it’s the Grand Jury Stupid


By Maureen Jamieson

Any and all conspiracy theories that former US Attorney William Hochul was targeting Frank Parlato for indictment based solely on political revenge are unproven and frankly unimportant.

Raising the issue only muddies the waters and distract from the solid story of prosecutorial misconduct that is pretty obvious.

It doesn’t matter if Hochul got a job shining Jeremy Jacobs’ shoes for $1 million a day…  It doesn’t even matter if there was a political motive. The only thing that matters is that it appears a grand jury was very likely deliberately misled so a prosecutor could get an indictment.

The issue is bigger than Frank Parlato. If prosecutors have thrown legal integrity out the window and are willing to knowingly indict innocent people and manipulate grand juries, then our trust in the judicial system gets thrown out the window, as well.

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