Forget Centennial Park… Fix the Streets!

Geraldine Sankey, a well-known Niagara Falls resident dedicated to improvement of the community, posted the following on Facebook yesterday:

“Niagara Falls is a very small city. So I decided to ride around and capture a few of our beautiful streets. (Does) this make sense? So if we can build a Centennial Park, we can get our streets repaired. This should be first priority.”

What follows are comments on the post from some of Ms. Sankey’s >3,300 Facebook friends.

“Getting worse and worse. Where does most of the city budget go? You would think that the increase in property taxes from the increase in home values the last two years would provide enough money to fix.”

“Maybe they are banking on no one being able to afford to drive anymore so why fix them?”

“These streets tear up your cars!!”

“I know a few… streets. Linwood and Michigan, not sure why they never were repaved. The city had plenty of money over the years to get them done. Casino Money, Community Development money, C.H.I.P.S money which comes from the state.”

“… we have to pay taxes and nothing gets done…”

“I need to use defensive driving skills when I come home just to out maneuver the potholes!”

“And they say we are the Honeymoon Capitol and One of the Wonders in the world.”

“I remember while visiting it cost me 1k to replace tires because of this.”

“Lord be a strong tire for my people Jesus”

“I’ve lived here since I was eight years old and I remember the way it use to be. Beautiful. I never saw potholes and torn up streets and sidewalks, boarded up windows like I see now. Look at it now. Our Beautiful city is gone. Maybe a better person in City Hall can do a better job to bring it back to its former self. We definitely need a change.”

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