FLYING SOLO: Elder in Violation of Air Force Regulations

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By: Tony Farina

Jeffrey Elder, an independent candidate for mayor of Niagara Falls and a retired veteran, has run afoul of Air Force regulations in connection with wearing his uniform in a campaign poster.  

According to the Air Force Inspector General Hotline, responding to a complaint, “political activities are not listed as approved functions” for retirees wearing an Air Force uniform.

Elder is clearly wearing his Air Force uniform in a campaign flyer which triggered the complaint to the inspector general.



According to Air Force regulations, retirees may wear the authorized uniform prescribed at the date of the member’s retirement or any  of the uniforms authorized for current active duty personnel, including dress uniforms, but political activities are not authorized.

Elder is running on his self-created Dynamic New Future Line, but most political observers see his candidacy as an effort to help Republican candidate Glenn Choolokian against the other major party candidate for mayor, School Board President Robert Restaino who has the Democratic, Conservative, Independence, and Libertarian lines in the upcoming election.


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