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 by J Gary DiLaura, FBI-RED

I have read the Congressional Memo issued by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). Assuming that the memo is accurate since the cover letter to Chairman Devin Nunes is signed by Speaker Paul Ryan and Congressman Adam Schiff, I can safely explain to my readers, based upon my experience, several things that are going to really upset you if you believe in our Rule of Law, and make you VERY happy if you believe in President Trump, as I do, on both accounts!

Unlike most of the congressman and all the news reporters you are listening to, who have never submitted affidavits for search, seizure or Title 3 wiretaps, I have written and executed many. I either wrote or helped write most for every FBI Squad I was on and have substantial experience doing so. I always wrote my own affidavits, as they are the foundation, the PC, your “swear to God to be true and accurate”, TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY!  I have NEVER written an affidavit for a FISA warrant, but the 4th Amendment applies to any application submitted involving the search and seizure rights of citizens. Those same LAWS /Rules must apply to FISA warrants, “FULL disclosure”, by the Affiant and all signors, period, no exception!

What that means, in simple terms, is this: if you are relying on info supplied by a source versus personal knowledge, you must provide ALL the information you have that establishes the accuracy, credibility and reliability of that source and his information! Any information that “discredits” or tends to discredit the accuracy/reliability of the source or his information, not just “should”, but “MUST” be revealed to the court! Several of Eric Holders’s DAGs were held in contempt by 3 different federal courts for that very reason!  It must be very detailed in any search and seizure matter, but is held to MUCH higher standards, more detail and more stringent PC rules in “overhear” warrants, than any others!

For example, for a Search Warrant” If “Source ‘A,’ is your informant, you must show his length of use, reliability (with specific proof of same), how you verified his info, and what you did besides rely on his words.  If he said, “The subject house is 1234 B St, has white siding, green shutters and a broken front storm door,” did you verify that, and if not, why not?!  If he provided either false or inaccurate info, EVER, you had better reveal that, IN DETAIL! If you didn’t or couldn’t verify any info, you had better explain, IN DETAIL, why not… and that is for a simple search warrant!

For any Title 3 (normal wiretap against a citizen) or FISA, the PROOF goes UP, substantially, ON ALL FRONTS. The Probable Cause, PC, is much more substantial and more is required. Source info is held to higher standards! More verification is required AND the reasons are simple… If you don’t and the court finds out, and calls you before the court and finds you withheld the “negative/discrediting info,” he will in all probability take action that you won’t like! There are no excuses; WIRE TAPS ON PHONES/COMPUTERS, ANYTHING are the MOST intrusive/invasive surveillances of them ALL!

The civil penalty allows for triple damages in civil rights violations, and the government cannot pay punitive damages. So, on the civil side, if Carter Page, the citizen in this case, sues for damages with punitive damages awarded for ruining his reputation and lost revenues, you are in deep… trouble!

Some extremely vital facts they intentionally left out that would have killed ANY wiretap were: Hillary Clinton took over all financial responsibility for the DNC ( she owned the DNC!), the DNC, Hillary Clinton Campaign, “paid  Christopher Steele via the Law Firm of Perkins, Cole and research firm Fusion GPS over $160,000 for derogatory information on Donald Trump…”!

In my opinion, that tidbit, by itself, is a game changer and will get people thrown in jail! But some of the worst “oops” they forgot to mention, are that the info was not corroborated, and was found to be “salacious and unverified”, according to Comey, in his report to President Trump on January 2017. If it was salacious unverified then… it was salacious and unverified on 10-21-16 when they appeared for the FISA warrant!

The signers, who put their entire lives on the line by signing off were: FBI James Comey, FBI Andrew McCabe, DAG Sally Yates, DAG Dana Boente and DAG Rod Rosenstein. I predict that they are all in SERIOUS CRIMINAL TROUBLE and there is no way Rosenstein should be allowed continue to sit as DAG until EVERYTHING he did is investigated!!! The man lied to the FISA court,violated the most sacred of civil rights to citizens, the right to privacy, attempted to interfere in a US presidential election, appointed his “Bud” Mueller as a Special Prosecutor to prosecute Trump… the freaking day after Trump told Mueller NO to Mueller’s request to become FBI Director, after Comey was fired?! What does it freaking take to be fired, for Christ sake???

FISA judges’ identifies are classified, so you and I won’t know who they were but… If I were this FISA judge I would hold every single one in contempt, fine them, then send a criminal referral letter to the AG directing that multiple charges be brought against the offenders. That could be for obstruction of justice, violating FISA rules (I’m sure there are penalties for violating FISA rules), and tampering with evidence, I don’t have my US code book handy but, trust me, these arrogant idiots are going to get theirs!

You need to understand, no matter what Adam Schiff (ty),Chris Mathews or Schumer or anyone else who has never been involved in the process says … Wiretaps are the biggest intrusion into the privacy of a citizen’s life there is! They go on, as in this case, for months! Think about that… having your phones and computers “wire tapped” for MONTHS! The courts take the probable cause VERY serious, if you mess with it by “withholding” info you are toast! Watch and see!

In my opinion, either Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Uhr , Rosenstein NEVER did a Title 3 or FISA, and are as dumb as fish or… they are worse than corrupt… ALL OF THEM!!! I say that because even a rookie criminal agent knows how serious wire taps are! Fortunately for all of us, the law is more stringent on those warrants than any other, period, bar none! Reading Comey’s Panic Twitters, shows he knows he is in big trouble and was in WAY over his arrogant head!

And we have a Law and Order President, who was the freaking target. They used illegal wiretaps… unbelievable… morons, I swear… that’s all I have to say?

One more thing. If the president doesn’t make his AG throw the book at all, starting with smart-ass Comey and Hillary, and shows no mercy, he needs his head examined!

Another, one more thing, these people, in my opinion, were all a part of Obama’s “Black Ops” team. I wonder which one handled Judge Scalia’s investigation on, cause of death?

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