Firms Caters to Parents for Back-to-School Supplies

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What started out as a dream has turned into a thriving reality for a young mother who founded an online business that allows parents to order all of their child’s school needs with just one click.

“I never would have believed that we would have come this far in just a little over a year,” says Deanna Farina, founder of  That’s the website to click on to order your child’s school supplies as a package or individually.

As reported on Ch. 7 and in the Buffalo News, the Williamsville-based online business allows parents to take the hassle out of back-to-school shopping for their children with one simple click.

Farina says she’s able to keep costs low because she buys her school supplies wholesale and she hand delivers every order.  It is no small task but the firm is absolutely dedicated to making sure each and every order is special.

“Our little business has received incredible response and we are so pleased that parents have found a place to fulfill their children’s back-to-school needs in a quick and stress-free manner,” says Farina.  “Parents and children can find their school on our web page and see the list of items ready for purchase.  We deliver right to their houses.”

According to Farina, the packages were created in collaboration with schools to offer teachers specific quality-brand name products.  Schools can even receive a $5 return on every order placed in the Play Pen program.  For Farina and her partner, Anthony Carpenter, takes great pride in working with local communities including Williamsville and Tonawanda districts.

In the interest of full disclosure, Deanna Farina is my daughter.  The company website is named after her daughter Abby and her partner’s son Dylan.  I am very proud of their accomplishments and have no financial interest in the company.

As the website states, the firm aims for the highest quality possible, which is why they look for approval from teachers, parents, students, and administrative personnel on which products work best.

All of the information on this young and thriving back-to-school shopping business is right there on the website, and orders are taken throughout the school year.




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