Felons Crossing Pennsylvania State Lines Caught After Police Pursuit in Niagara Falls

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By: Staff Reporter

On August 3, 2020 Niagara Falls Police Department was alerted of 2 felony warrants issued from the Pennsylvania State Police for 31-year-old Richard Reiss and 34-year-old Dewayne Shields. Warrant officers located a red compact 4-door sedan with Pennsylvania plates heading southbound on John B Daly Boulevard.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Reiss. Niagara Falls Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the car fled, heading east on Buffalo Avenue from John B Daly Blvd. NFPD discontinued their pursuit as NY State Police and other agencies took over as the car headed south onto Grand Island.

State Police and other agencies continued to pursue the vehicle until it came to a stop on Niagara Street in Buffalo. This pursuit included the US Border Patrol via helicopter operated by the Air and Marine Operations. Marc Sledge, Director of the Air and Marine Operations for the Great Lakes Air and Marine branch commented, “This shows just how important our mission is both safeguarding the border and providing much needed support from the air to our law enforcement partners”.

The parties were taken into custody by the US Border Patrol in Buffalo without further incident before being turned over to the NFPD. “This is a great example of the excellent relationship the U.S. Border Patrol has with the state and local law enforcement.” said Eduardo Payan, Chief Patrol Agent for the Buffalo Sector.  “We will always work together to protect our country and communities”.

Reiss was booked at NFPD for vehicle and traffic charges resulting from this incident. PA State Police are expected to extradite both parties involved.


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