Feline Leukemia Cats in Need of Loving Homes

Ten Lives Club Cat Adoption Group currently has five Feline Leukemia Virus Positive (FeLV+) cats in their shelter program.  Feline Leukemia Virus causes cats to have lower immunity, making it harder for their bodies to fight off infection and makes them more susceptible to getting sick.  Despite the common misconception, FELV is not a death sentence.  This just means these cats require a high protein diet and regular vet visits to make sure they are healthy. The virus is only transmittable to other cats (not other animals) and there is no cure.  There is a vaccine non FELV cats can get to lessen the chance of them getting the virus.  Despite their diagnosis, cats with FELV can live long and healthy lives just like any other cat.  To help these FELV cats find homes, Ten Lives Club is reducing their adoption fees for these cats to $25.  Their adoption fee is reduced as Ten Lives Club knows it takes a special person to welcome these sweet cats into their homes.  TLC hopes this will aid in the care of FELV cats.  All normal TLC adoption protocols will be followed.  The adoption will also include three months of vet care, food and litter.  If adopters who have non FELV cats at home are interested in adopting, Ten Lives Club will provide up to three cats in their household with the FELV vaccine. For more information on this adoption promotion, please contact their main shelter at (716) 646-5577 x.0.

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