Feisty Lady Caught Driving Drunk But Bottomless, Becomes Butt of Cruel Jokes

The Niagara Falls Reporter regrets it was unable to obtain a photograph of Sharon Turner by press time. This is an artist's conception of Miss Turner as she was stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving.

The Niagara Falls Reporter regrets it was unable to obtain a photograph of Sharon Turner by press time. This is an artist’s conception of Miss Turner as she was stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving.

NIAGARA FALLS – People can be cruel.

No sooner had a story appeared in the Buffalo News about how Niagara Falls Police pulled over a lady driver Saturday night only to find her not only drunk but naked from the waist down, did people start making not so nice cracks about her.

She was Cheektowaga’s Sharon Turner and it was clearly after dark – when at about 7:30 p.m., she was driving her Chevrolet Equinox a little erratically on Cayuga Drive beneath the LaSalle Expressway overpass.

Police decided to stop her.

The fact that officers said they smelled alcohol and Miss Turner’s speech was slurred is germane. The fact that police asked Miss Turner to step out of the car to perform field sobriety tests is also germane.

The fact that she wasn’t wearing pants or underwear at the time of the traffic stop, as the police report said, is purely incidental to the story and added as color commentary.

As the News reported, “Turner, 58, told the officers she was driving home from shopping at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls USA, even though her vehicle was driving in a direction back towards the mall. An open, half-empty bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila was on the floor near the front passenger seat, according to the report.”

While she may have been bottomless while driving her car, the discreet lady put her pants on before stepping out of her SUV.

Miss Turner failed three field sobriety tests which is germane and was taken into custody, according to the report.

According to police, Miss Turner was unhappy about being arrested and “screamed profanities and derogatory racial insults” at the officer who was driving.

According to police, as she was being fingerprinted, spittle flew out of her mouth and somehow landed on an officer’s face, according to the report.

Miss Turner refused to submit to a breath test.

And, as it turns out, she had more than enough money to buy a modest wardrobe including undergarments, which she failed to wear.  Police found $612 in cash in her possession and when they suggested she use that to post her own bail so she could go home, Miss Turner declined to do so.

She also declined to call for a ride when given the option by officers.

When a family member arrived, Miss Turner agreed to leave the station.

Miss Turner was charged with driving while intoxicated, refusing a breath test and consuming alcohol in a motor vehicle. She was not charged with iundecent exposures.

She will appear in court date, hopefully fully dressed on Nov. 2.

So that’s the story of a woman whose shopping trip went haywire.

But the comments online have been sarcastic:

  • I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation. Other than the make and model of the car, who among us hasn’t done the exact same thing(s)?
  • Drivin’ commando with a….. bottle of hooch at your side in Niagara Falls never leads to anything good.
  • Commando, indeed.. caught with her pants down… or… OFF… DWI, & she gets her name dragged thru the mud… Sobering.
  • Maybe she told a lie and her pants and panties caught on fire.
  • Must have been a whopper !
  • Is driving without underwear a ticketable offense??
  • I see nothing wrong with driving with no pants or under-panties, but driving while intoxicated is another issue.
  • Isn’t there a song about tequila making your pants fall down?
  • Wonder if she showed her cheeks to-waga?
  • … to Waga’. A good one but ya kinda blew it!
  • I feel sorry for the on-scene police. There are some things you just can’t un-see!
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