In 1964 Erma (Mama) D’Avolio and her husband Vincent opened “DelFredo’s” on Main St in Niagara Falls. After Vincent passed in 1974, their daughter Anna and her husband James Macri moved the restaurant, as Macri’s, to the Niagara Falls Market and began what became a successful, traditional Italian family restaurant. Macri’s became one of several excellent Falls restaurants that “locals” visited regularly, along with John’s Flaming Hearth, Pete’s Market House, the Alps, Crown and Anchor and many more.

My family, Mom and Dad, would take us to Macri’s often as it was one of their favorites. Sadly, after some 32 years, when son Gary Macri had enough of rescuing customers from vagrants and panhandlers in the Market, they moved the restaurant to the Summit Mall in 2005, where it flourished as well. At this point I have to say that Ann, Gary’s mother, told me one big reason for their success is their cook, who has been with them some 40 years, Ed McGinley! Mama D’ Avolio taught Ed to cook and used to tell him that if he paid attention he would learn to cook, and if he didn’t, she would chase him out with her wooden spoon! He paid close attention because her wooden spoon was large, the result… their food is second to none!

When the Summit Mall went “belly up,” in 2009, Macri’s had to move again, this time to Lewiston, where it again flourished. Recently, the opportunity to move into another building, to be renovated to their specifications, popped up!

The old Marboro Inn in Sanborn, NY burned, and was sold. Enter Gary Macri and his family, including his mother Ann. The entire building, parking lot and interior/exterior were completely renovated to its glorious…not past…but new condition, G-MAC’S INN, at 5894 Ward Rd in Sanborn, NY. 14132. The phone is 716-216-4132gmacsinn.com!

This is a must visit restaurant! G-Mac’s Inn opened on July 12, 2017 and when I went there for lunch two weeks later, Ann told me I needed to make reservations for their Friday fish fry as they are very busy already! I said, “Congratulations, I knew you would be an instant success, and I hope it continues!”

They feature several Italian dishes such as Zucchini Parmigiana and Eggplant Parmigiana, along with homemade Lasagna, my favorite, ranging in price from $16.95 to $19.95. Veal dinners from $22.95 to $24.95 and American dishes like pork chops and several steaks as well. Their Friday fish meals are from$11. 95 to Fish Italiano for $15.95, my wife’s favorite! Great food, good service, fair prices, life is good! Also a lunch menu and take out menu are available to take home.

I seldom write about local news and restaurants (this is my first, in fact!) but I know firsthand how expensive and difficult it is to be successful in New York State and I wish Gary Macri and his family Best Wishes and may God Bless!

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