Erie County GOP Applauds Congressman Nick Langworthy and House Republicans for Voting to End Non-Citizen Voting in Washington, DC

Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Michael Kracker issued the following statement in response to Congressman Nick Langworthy and the House Republicans voting to repeal Washington D.C.’s non-citizen voting law:
“I want to thank Congressman Nick Langworthy and the House Republicans for taking a strong vote against allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections. Elections — at the federal, state, and local level — should be for US citizens only, and the DC City Council’s effort to open up local elections to noncitizens is offensive to every American who cherishes his or her citizenship.
Sadly, Washington, DC isn’t the only municipal government to allow noncitizens to vote in its local elections. Closer to home, the New York City Council approved a local law in 2021 opening up New York City elections to noncitizens. Thankfully, that disgraceful law was challenged in court, and the trial court as well as the Appellate Division have correctly held that it violates the state constitution.
The bill to repeal Washington, DC’s noncitizen voting law now heads to the US Senate. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer must bring this bill to the floor for a vote immediately.
All New Yorkers who value their citizenship and the integrity of our elections must let their voices be heard: contact Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and insist that they back the bill to repeal Washington, DC’s noncitizen voter law.
Much more must be done at the federal and state levels to ensure that our elections are secure and voters have confidence in the integrity of our electoral system, but today’s action by the House of Representatives is a major leap toward achieving these important goals.”
Niagara Falls Reporter.
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