Enjoy The ‘Time of Your Life’ at Ricky’s Nifty Fifty Pizza Junction ‘Come In and Be Yourself’, Says Ricky



Hello again everyone. Welcome to another edition of Ricky’s Corner.  I wanted to start this week’s column by writing about what we and our loyal customers feel that makes our pizza unique and great tasting.

Our cheese is a manually sliced mozzarella as opposed to the pre-shredded brands most pizzerias use. The cheese is a part skim and low moisture blend that really brings out the natural flavors of the cheese. Our world famous pizza sauce is fully homemade. We make our sauce slightly on the sweeter side, we believe that having the sauce on the sweeter side makes for a more robust flavor profile.  The pepperoni we use is a combination of beef & pork that is both spicy and sweet. Our portions of cheese & pepperoni that we use on our pies & trays are far and away the most generous in the area, no skimping here!!!  I truly believe in our product, to the point where I actually have to ration how much I allow myself to eat each week. Don’t take my word for it, call us and have us bring a fresh pie out to your door step and see for yourself. I am positive you’ll love it and will be back for more.

This Saturday we our having our first annual Christmas party. We will have many unique Christmas drinks available at our bar, a FREE pizza buffet and we booked the great local band A List to perform on our 50’s style stage.  Please come on down and join us for some holiday fun, mouth watering food, great drinks and awesome music. Our number is 283-7700 and we are at 7710 Buffalo Ave. And don’t forget to tell ’em, Ricky sent ya 🙂


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