The End of our beautiful Ash Trees?

By Jared Porter

The city of Niagara Falls needs to act now to combat the invasive Emerald Ash Borer beetle. The beetles only attack ash trees about 6″ in diameter or more. Therefore, cutting down infected trees before they die allows them to send up new growth that won’t be attacked. Removal of dying trees also physically removes the pests. Ash trees can remain as small trees until some control against the borers can be found. Allowing infected trees to remain untreated or not removed is a potential threat to the future of our forests by allowing the pest to spread. This is extremely serious.

The state and the feds should be paying to help us to combat this plague. I’ve noticed that the NIagara Gorge, 4th St, Whitney/Pierce/Willow area, Buffalo Ave and the Legends Park area are all decimated by beetles. And now they have spread to Buckhorn Island State Park. People should take a good long look at this year’s crop of yellow ash leaves because these tall trees will be a memory within two years.


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