The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Without any direct information regarding any of what I am about to say, relying on my experience and gut feelings about several things, this is all my personal opinion.

Regarding the Hillary investigation, I believe that the FBI under James Comey was the “blind leading the blind,” with the intent, not to determine facts or evidence of wrongdoing, but instead to lay a pathway around possible crimes and wrongdoing by members of the administration they believed they worked for. Some were so blinded by hatred for Donald Trump, they forgot who they were working for and the oath they took… to enforce our Rule of Law and the Republic for which it stands and not an administration! Every single one of the FBI agents involved swore, under oath, to “enforce the laws of the United States”… not circumvent them!

I believe that in order to be as “inept” as Agent Strzok appears to be, this Assistant Director (ADIC) Strzok of the FBI must NEVER have worked any criminal cases of substance, never prepared an affidavit for an arrest warrant or search warrant nor drew up or provided probable cause to an AUSA to obtain an arrest warrant or search warrant. He never made an arrest on his cases nor ever obtained a conviction as a result of trial on his own case! He doesn’t know the Miranda warning rules nor ever or nearly ever directed or ran an important criminal interview!

If he is an experienced criminal agent (again, I seriously doubt it) and did run the Hillary Clinton case and investigation and interviews the way he did “intentionally,” then he has committed several crimes related to intentionally disrupting a criminal investigation! That’s obstruction of justice! He may have violated the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and many rules and regulations of the FBI and DOJ as well!

If he was a “Security Agent” for his entire career, then he had NO business directing or even participating in interviews of Hillary Clinton or any of her staff! I believe James Comey “set up” Strzok, and maybe even McCabe, to fail and take the hit for the blown Hillary investigation! Career Security Agents have no idea how to conduct criminal interviews because that’s NOT what they do!

Comey had to know of Strzok’s hatred toward Trump and endearment to Hillary and that Strozk was an arrogant agent with no idea what he was doing! It’s also possible that Comey didn’t either, after all, his “big FBI case was the Martha Stewart recipegate case where she lied to Comey.”  So Comey gave Strzok the lead and let him screw up the case, the interviews and the “give away” on immunity.

If  Comey says, “By golly, I thought ADIC Strzok knew what he was doing. I relied on his expertise completely,” Strzok AND McCabe and their inner circle should watch for the proverbial “bus” because it’s coming and they are going under it! If I’m correct, and while I may be wrong on everything… they would be well advised to cut a deal, NOW!

The basis for my opinion is, in 28 years of some big time criminal work with very good agents, NONE, I mean, absolutely NONE of us would have conducted interviews and investigations like what these agents did, and would NOT even have been able to screw up a major investigation the way these inner circle Assistant Directors and Senior Staff Agents screwed up these investigations. Back in the day, the Upper Echelon of the FBI would have been all over this case, HOWEVER…  if the Upper Echelon IS the screw up…? Then what? Fire them and put them in jail with Hillary!

There’s a very simple way to determine if Hillary, Cheryl Mills, Huma Obedine and others of Hillary’s staff, lied and committed other Title 18 violations… have AG Sessions present the freaking “MATTER” to a federal grand jury with the “existing evidence,” which is substantial! If former USA’s like Rudy Giuliani, and former agents like me, are correct, they will indict!! That will then open the door to indict former FBI Director Comey and “his band of thieves” Strzok and McCabe for obstruction of justice. As far as “immunity” agreements for Mills and Obedine are concerned, their “lying” voids any immunity agreement that I ever saw!!!! There is probable cause right now, without any further interviews or investigation, just based upon what Comey and a few others testified to under oath, to issue arrest warrants for Hillary Clinton for multiple felonies, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedine, Susan Rice and a few others for lying to a federal agent, and some with 2071 and 973, dealing with documents, classified and not!

My opinion and I’m sticking to it!

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