Dyster may open floodgates for refugee welfare recipients, but will aid poverty industry immensely

NATIONAL PICTURES People queing up outside a job centre in London. Official fiqures show that people out of work rose by 137,000 to 1.86 million in the three months to October.

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster plan to aid in the resettlement efforts for up to 50 refugee families from the Middle East to the city will begin in earnest next year.

“We have a very diverse community to start with and we just want to make certain people who come to Niagara Falls from wherever are given the opportunity to have the most positive experience,” said Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster.

Pointing to the Italian, Irish, Jewish and Polish heritage of the city, Dyster said immigration has always been crucial to the success of Niagara Falls.

The mayor said he is “partnering” to bring the refugees here with a not for profit organization called Jewish Family Services.

“One of the advantages (of working with Jewish Family Services) is this is going to give us a better database to understand who’s here, who’s working and what kind of [taxpayer] assistance they will need,” said Dyster.

As for taxpayer assistance, the generous Dyster is too polite to mention that with 50 new families, it is likely there will be 50 new Medicaid families for county taxpayers to pay for – at a cost to exceed $1 million per year.

How many of the newcomers will get welfare, food stamps, public assistance for housing, aid for utilities and other benefits is hard to say, but it is a fair bet that these refugees have never lived in a place where you make more money if you don’t work than you would if you work.

Although Dyster points to the Italian, Irish, Jewish and Polish heritage that came here in the 20th century, he is far too polite to mention that those immigrants came without the expectation that they could live here at other people’s expense.

But that has changed. Not only are the new immigrants going to get taxpayer funded benefits, the ‘brown skinned’ refugees are the new ‘green’ of the poverty industry, as the expression goes.


Don’t think for a second that nobody wants these poor refugees.

The dirty little secret of the ‘not for profits’ who ‘help’ refugees is that they earn a large slice of their annual budgets (allowing hefty salary increases for directors and employees) by getting immigrants located in their communities and put on public subsidies.

The not for profits actually compete with not for profits in other cities to get refugees so they can get paid to set them up with taxpayer benefits.

One of the lures for the quest for refugees is the amount of taxpayer benefits and the support of local politicians in welcoming refugees to their community.

After all, not every city wants refugees. Some mayors are more concerned about taxpayers.

Happily, Mayor Dyster is concerned about taking care of the poor    people who make their living taking care of the poor. That may be why his city is the highest taxed in New York State.

In any event, the refugees are a prize. Handled first by not for profit agencies who make a profit off deciding which city the refugees will go and which not for profit in that city gets to make a profit handling the benefits for the refugees.

The refugees are profitable wherever they go.

This is the American poverty industry where not for profits pay no taxes while making a profit by bringing in tax consumers to burden taxpayers. They don’t call it the poverty ‘industry’ for nothing.

And one of the most lucrative phases of the industry is the burgeoning immigrant-to-welfare industry.

There are many facets to this diamond of attracting refugees.

Dyster’s biggest cheerleader on the City Council, Kristen Grandinetti, said she is more concerned about whether the refugees will find comfortable taxpayer funded “affordable” housing once they get here.

Much lies behind that seemingly altruistic statement.

She said the city should work to ensure that refugees are not “taken advantage of by the slumlords, who are currently taking advantage of our own population,” Grandinetti cautioned.”That’s my biggest concern,” she said.

Paul Dyster with his idol Barack Obama.

Paul Dyster with his idol Barack Obama.

This comports well with the Dyster administration’s efforts to encourage and subsidize (taxpayer funded), developer driven ‘affordable housing’ projects such as South Junior High School and Horizons – at the site of abandoned school buildings.

The dirty little secret of the ‘affordable housing’ part of the poverty industry is that developers get rich building cheaply built poverty housing.

Most subsidized ‘affordable housing’ projects get built not because of the need but because developers make a fortune on them.

And when they attract the cream of subsidized tenants and the modest, but better built doubles and single family homes wind up empty, neglected and ultimately demolished, the city becomes poorer for it.

This cockeyed reverse supply and demand building of ‘affordable housing’ at costs to taxpayers of $300,000 to $400,000 per unit when none are needed – is destructive on every level.

But big money in the poverty industry attracts developers who structure their deals so that they make millions up front before they even start construction.

The poverty developers need only one thing to complete their profits –poverty tenants. There is a constant need for more poor people.

The fight to secure poverty clients is getting tougher as more people got into the lucrative poverty industry under the poverty friendly administrations of Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo.

In Niagara Falls, thanks in large part to Mayor Paul Dyster – who is always eager to lend a helping hand to the poor  developers for the poor, the poverty industry is the preeminent one in Niagara Falls.

The refugees will come to Niagara Falls – but not as the Irish, Italian or Polish who had to work hard to make it on their own – but as valuable clients of the booming poverty industry.

It is fair to say that the refugees will be encouraged to get subsidized Section 8 housing, food stamps – now issued with a credit card-like electronic benefits transfer card – direct welfare payments, free medical care and all the other bells and whistles that go along with being on the bum in Western New York.

Fifty families relocating here will easily cost taxpayers several millions each and every year.

Some call it success.

While most of the city has fallen under Dyster’s nine-year tenure as mayor, he can take credit for the growth of the poverty industry and the enrichment of those who earn their living by being responsible for attracting and enabling people who cannot care for or feed themselves.

While thousands of hard working, tax paying citizens have fled Niagara Falls to points south and west, Dyster’s liberal social services policies have managed to attract generational welfare recipients, ex-convicts and sexual predators to replace them.

And now 50 refugee families.

Once policies are put in place; the affordable housing developers set up to profit, and the not for profits lined up – each with their helping hand out – for their share of hand outs, Dyster can fight to get more refugees into the city for the enablers of poverty to flourish.

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