Dyster’s concern over global warming is just more political hot air



By Anna Howard

The Niagara Gazette recently wrote an editorial that was cautiously critical of Mayor Dyster. The editorial questioned the mayor’s actions in taking the time to support the international fight against global warming. While a global warming summit took place in Paris last week the mayor and his comrades on the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Initiative parroted the Paris conference statement.

The Gazette pretty much hit the nail on the head regarding the mayor’s enthrallment with the issue of global warming.  However, the complete record will show that this mayor has been pandering to any number of national and global issues while ignoring key issues on the city’s home front since first elected.

Several years ago the mayor agreed with environmentalists that the Asian flying carp (we kid you not, google it) was presenting a threat to the Niagara area. This is a trash fish that multiplies quickly, threatens other fish species, and aggressively leaps out of the water. Paul Dyster went on record, again, with the Great Lakes St Lawrence Initiative to fight the flying carp. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, he was already spending the city into fiscal oblivion.

Nothing proceeds like excess so Mr. Dyster moved from fighting the flying fish to joining Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization. The irony of the New York City billionaire politician railing for gun control while being surrounded 24/7 by an array of heavily armed private guards was apparently lost on Mayor Dyster, who himself is a gun owning deer hunter. It seems that both Bloomberg and Dyster are in support of everyone having their Second Amendment rights violated as long as they get to keep their hunting guns and armed guards.

Global warming and gun control, and the would-be green economy of wind and solar energy that has yet to prove itself, have occupied Mayor Dyster throughout his time in office. The Reporter has written extensively on the glaring irresponsibility of the mayor focusing on these issues while the city he was elected to serve trembles on the edge of insolvency.

While the mayor worried about fish that fly and climate that allegedly warms he was running the city into debt and deficit. While the mayor was gazing at his navel in contemplation of the earth’s future he allowed residents to go without running water in the winter, he hiked taxes, he fouled up municipal trash pickup, and squandered nearly $http://southbuffalonews.com00 million in taxpayer casino revenue.

Mayor Dyster has had his priorities backwards from day one of his first term. While some see this as newly discovered information the Reporter has been covering it for nearly eight years.

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