Dux: A botched attempt to kill Trump adviser Roger Stone, or send him a warning? But who’s behind it?

By Frank W. Dux;

(A former covert operative and world renowned martial arts black belt, Frank Dux wrote, The Secret Man [1996. Published by Harper Collins} In his book, Dux revealed some shocking details of the secret operations he carried out for the U.S. government. A slice of Dux’s life is told in the world famous martial arts movie, Bloodsport, starring Jean Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux,)

Frank Dux’s 1996 expose of the world of covert operatives. Click here to buy The Secret Man: An American Warrior’s Uncensored Story

Just days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, one of his key advisers, Roger Stone, 64, told the media that an attempt at poisoning him likely occurred.

More than a month has passed and the celebrated political strategist is alive and well, thankfully.

But was there an attempt at his assassination? Or did the people who did it know exactly the right dose to give Stone so he would live to talk a about it?

The real players in the arena of “wet works” [AKA sabotage] are well acquainted with politically motivated operations that involve the taking of life. Operations which involve assassinations of individuals, of course, are designed to never be exposed.

Suicide, sudden heart attacks, dying in your sleep while on a hunting trip without an autopsy. An airplane that crashes. A car that careens and strikes. Murder by a deranged assassin for no known explicable reason. These are the better methods. Of course sometimes poison is used.

If one wants to be blatantly obvious.

Predetermined to kill, and never let anyone discover a trace, not even a whisper of it, is the goal of assassination.

If someone does suspect, operations make use of plausible deniability, religiously.  This simply involves making something look like something else. It has been suggested that what it looks like, isn’t what it is, in the case of Roger Stone.

Stone’s poisoning was featured in media as vastly different as the New York Times and Alex Jones’ InFo Wars.  In these and other venues,  Stone talked about fever, lesions and extreme diarrhea – the result of having been poisoned, he said, with polonium or a polonium-like substance that doctors allegedly found.

It was not enough of a dose to kill him.

This raises a question: is it because the actual intent was to immobilize?, as Stone suspects.

Who would want to assassinate Roger Stone?

What if it was meant to kill but the delivery system failed to deliver the planned dosage?  What would that indicate?

At the time of his poisoning, Stone had just been accused by the Obama administration of having prior knowledge that Vladimir Putin was planning to meddle in the election. They were determined to get answers.

At this time, it seems, certain CIA Officers known for being political puppets, like James Clapper, (who is alleged to have misled Congress to justify the war in Iraq) as well as unknown personnel inside the intelligence community, were working feverishly against Trump under the color of authority.

Some insiders believe that if it were done, it was done for Obama, and wealthy patrons of the Democratic National Committee. Back channel gossip is seemingly concerned with who wanted to take people like Stone out of the equation.

If this was true, it required going outside the intelligence community to avoid trace evidence.  Blowback.

That suggests the poisoning was intra-American and for a sinister purpose.

In-fighting in the intelligence community, while suppressed publicly, is well known internally (and sometimes produces catch phrases, like DCI under President Reagan, or William Casey invention  “Inmanism”, a take off on communism and Admiral Inman).

Publicly, the “arranged for” top secret killing of American citizens under the color of authority while, theoretically, an impossible, outrageous criminal practice, changed after the Patriot Act.  At one time it was done rarely because it was frowned upon . But assassination is now viewed as an accepted evil within certain high level operational subgroups within the intelligence community. Even more so within certain groups in the political community.

That being said, Stone’s claims caught some in the intelligence community’s immediate and riveted attention, even while most Americans can’t accept Stone’s account as being remotely true since it is outside their comfort box — that frame of reference as to how the world works according to them.

Roger Stone is a top adviser to Donald Trump.

“I believe I was poisoned to stop me from exposing the Russian Hacking LIE b4 the Congressional Investigation,” Stone told his Twitter followers.

On Alex Jones’s Info Wars  Stone said he believed he was targeted by the ‘Deep State’ who wanted to stop him from revealing the truth about the Russian hacking.  Stone expressed his belief that his being poisoned was part of a larger plot to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

The former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko died as a result of polonium poisoning that Inf0 Wars host, Jones theorizes was a “false flag” operation orchestrated not by the Russians but by British intelligence meant to make it look like the Russians, “to blame the Russians”.

If Jones is correct, then it is equally plausible Britain’s MI6, or one of their cutouts who obviously have access to such materials, may be involved. If so, what does that mean?

A rare picture of Frank Dux during his time as a covert operative.

Given the political atmosphere, if Stone had died, and it was reported (assuming there was an autopsy permitted) as death-by-polonium, it would support placing the blame on the Russians and their fear of Stone, one of Trump’s close advisers, being exposed as a co conspirator for Russian hacking, since polonium fits their reputed modus operandi.

The story line then would be – the Russians had to poison stone since he might squeal that he had been complicit.

Yet, it seems to me, this polonium poison is a ploy. too obvious and clumsy to be anything other than misdirection.

The poisoning by polonium better serves Obama and the Democrats.

If Stone had died, it could be used to hang the false allegations of obstruction of justice against the Russian Intelligence Services.

Obama supporters could allege further that Stone’s assassination was carried out to prevent Stone from implicating Trump and Trump went along with this, suggesting intent, the necessary criteria to be charged with a crime.

Frank Dux (left).

Without Stone’s death to pump it up, it seems all we are left with are less urgent hypotheses.

The attempt to de-legitimize Trump being number one.  It seems there would have been more to gain by killing Stone than merely preventing his testimony.

Some people believe that Ernest Hemingway’s death was made to look like a suicide — the signature trait of political killings by the US intelligence apparatus and political bases then and now.

Hemingway was killed by shotgun blast to the side of his head. This occurred after his being committed to an asylum for paranoia. His patient care was based upon Hemingway’s insistence that he was being watched and plotted against.  In the last two years of his life it was reported by his friends and family that instead of using his own phone he would use friends’ phones, declaring his phone was tapped and that he was being watched and followed and his home searched regularly.  Proclaiming further that he was secretly being drugged, and this was clouding his judgement, it left him with “writer’s block;”  and  was responsible for his depression and mood swings.

Ernest Hemingway with Fidel Castro.

Hemingway had reason to feel paranoid if he was, as suspected, recruited by the KGB  in 1959, when living in Cuba.  It might sound far fetched until you learn that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover did indeed order Hemingway to be placed under surveillance.

There are people who claimed they knew from the inside what occurred and offer detailed descriptions of how the agent used his own gun then Hemmingway’s gun. It was talked about inside the intelligence community as either legend or fact or supposition but nobody dounted it was more than possible that Hemingway’s elimination was ordered after being pressured by the kind of politicos Stone refers to as “The Deep State”.

At that time, at the height of “Cold War”, just the hint of suspicion that a world renown, American hero could be compromised, and that he was a traitorous communist would be an international embarrassment. Henmingway was tried and sentenced to death in absentia. His execution made to look like a suicide.

Is it possible that Johnson killed Kennedy? Roger Stone thinks so.

The prospect that Hemingway and now Stone end up as targets of a hidden monarchy is of course terrifying and while everybody beleives such evil exists everywhere else, nobody wants to believe it could happen in America where no man or woman wants power so badly that they would commit murder to accomplish their goals. [only other countries produce men who would do that].

However, if Stone’s death was plotted, it more than likely would have been staged as a suicide, unless it served an alternate purpose –like putting the blame on the Russians.

It is an irony that Stone wrote the New York Times best selling book, “The Man Who Killed Kennedy” wherein he suggests it was official US assassination, commissioned by Lyndon Johnson. Of course it sounds far fetched.

There are some who believe Kennedy was shot by a lone gunman, Oswald, who just went mad and out of his head and decided to kill the president and who was, in turn, shot by a lone killer acting solely on his own, Jack Ruby, who just wanted to kill Oswald because he killed his favorite president and that there was no government conspiracy at all, no hidden hand that made it all happen.

For those who think the latter, be comfortable in your box. Your Deep State would never order an assassination.  Only Russians do that.

Which leads us to the bigger question: Did whoever poison Stone muff it and fail to kill him, or was this a deliberate attempt to publicly poison Stone without killing him?

No matter how brave and outspoken you are, if someone nearly poisons you, one of two things have happened: That person (and probably not a lone gunman) meant to kill you and may try again. Or that person meant not to kill but send you a warning: The people who sent me can get to you obviously, and may send me again with a slightly larger dose.

Either way it is chilling, and effective and it’s just the way covert operations in the Deep State roll.


The end credits of Bloodsport. Click here to buy the DVD Bloodsport


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