Food, Music, Cars, Animals; Pigapalooza Open to All

If you are under the impression that you belong wherever there is something interesting to see, then Pigapalooza 12 might qualify for your consideration.

Held Saturday, Sept. 17, starting at 3:30 pm and lasting at least until 8 pm when the fireworks go off – at the Ransomville Free Methodist Church grounds, 3924 Ransomville Rd.

The event is free.

Pigapalooza 12 is a festival of live music, attractions, and children’s amusements and food.

Last year, more than 1,200 people attended Pigapalooza 11, according to event organizer Robert Moore.

This year, starting just before 4 pm, musical acts will appear on the main stage with Mike Gagaliardi as the opening act, followed by the Mission Band.

Mike Gagliardi

Mike Gagliardi

At a little after 6 pm, Randy Thurman of the Thurman Brothers, the featured performer of Pigapalooza 12, will perform.

While music on the main stage fills the air, scattered around the church grounds will be a bounce house, pony rides and a petting zoo, the latter provided by Shenandoah Acres. Added to this will be almost a  menagerie with Buffalo Zoo Mobile and Wild Kritters of Niagara displaying their wild animals who were injured, rescued and rehabilitated. There will be K9 Dog demonstrations, and Coco the Clown.

CoCo the Clown

CoCo the Clown

Shenandoah Acres petting zoo for the kids.

Shenandoah Acres petting zoo for the kids.

Don't miss the good people of Wild Kritters!

Don’t miss the good people of Wild Kritters!

Vintage cars, polished and glistening as if they had come right out of 1950’s Detroit showroom, will be displayed by their owners, members of the Cataract Cruisers Car Club.

And as for food, like everything else, it is free.

Pigapalooza 12 will offer smoked pulled pork sandwiches, fresh baked pizza, beef hot dogs, salt potatoes, green beans, apple sauce, a cookie table, cold drinks and hot coffee and Timbits, the latter provided by Tim Hortons.

While the event is free, a donation jar will sit quietly at the registration desk and at the food and coffee tables.

An offering will not be taken; there will be no collection.

Making a donation is not a requirement to enter and enjoy the event.

And no one will notice if you slip in, eat up a storm, dance to the music, ride the ponies, pet all the goats and lamas, listen to the speakers, get your face painted and come back for seconds on the pulled pork and then maybe drop a button or nothing at all in the donation jar and then go back and enjoy more free entertainment.

At 7:00 pm, on the main stage will be Dave Jeffers and his magic show.

At 8:00 there will be a fireworks display.

Every year Pigapalooza has an inspirational speaker. This year Rev. Anne Skinner of Hannah House will speak about her ministry which offers food, clothing and household items to newly paroled inmates, and to families of those behind bars in the greatest prison state the world has ever known – the United States – with its 2.2 million adults in cages – one in a 110 people – and its 4.75 million on probation or parole – or one in 51 adults.

A society where nearly 7 million are caught up in a criminal system. Maybe Rev. Skinner can help explain how America has become a place where one out of 42 people who live here are outside free society. Her ministry offers hope for those who want to stay out of government cages and, as Christ has promised, begin a new life for all those who will have it.

The host for the event, the Ransomville Free Methodist Church, is led by Pastor William Lowery. His church is the area food bank and has a used clothing drop off, assisting around 200 local families a month.

Pigapalooza 12, its organizers hope, can help connect people in need of free food and clothing to get the help they need. This is one of the reasons its organizers insist the event is free.

The free event has sponsors such as First Niagara, CWM, Ki Po motors, McDonald’s, Orange Cat, Hardison Funeral Home, Ransomville Bus Lines, A1 Landcare, Johnston’s Restaurant, Stevenson’s Hardware, Patty’s Cut Above, Ed’s Garage and Scot PC.   

The event will be held come rain or shine.

All are invited.

All this, and pony rides too!

All this, and pony rides too!

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