How Could This Possibly Happen?

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J. Gary DiLaura

Gary DiLaura

Gary DiLaura



Liar, cheat, dishonest, thief, arrogant beyond belief…these are all adjectives that I hear regularly when people speak of the “President of the United States”! How could the people of this Great Nation put someone in office who can claim ALL these “attributes” and then even consider, doing it again?

I don’t know for sure where Obama was born, nor what, if anything, he believes in, nor what religion he is nor what ideology. I can only put what I know for sure together and make an educated guess and I have always been a very good “guesser”. The House of Congress has AG Lynch on the hot seat for letting Hillary off the hook. My feelings exactly!

These are ALL indisputable FACTS that attach to Barack Hussein Obama. After 8 years into his “presidency” we still don’t know who the hell he is! Somehow he managed to have one full week (the first week of August 1961)  deleted from INS/Customs micro phish records stored in the Archives, showing alien entries into the United States at POE Honolulu Hawaii. Examination of millions of those records reflect ONLY Obama’s birth week is MISSING!

Also, from the Archives, the Selective Service Record of Barack Obama is altered! Information regarding his birth has been ALTERED on that card but not on ANYOTHER of the hundreds of thousands of Selective Service Cards that were examined. That is absolute FACT!

Obama has NO LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE! After 4 years of “mystery surrounding his Birth Certificate, he personally presented the American people with a copy of a “Birth Certificate” that he represented to be authentic (remember he tried to pass off a “Certificate of Birth” as a BC). His “authentic BC” has ALSO, forensically, been proven to be a complete, poorly prepared, FAKE! Why is a long form Birth Certificate so important? It is the number one document needed to obtain a Social Security Number, the best form of proof of US citizenship! There are other documents that may be allowed but it can be a “catch 22” situation! For example, passport can also be used; however, a certified copy or original birth certificate is necessary to obtain a passport!

So what do people, who DON”T have a Birth Certificate, do to get a Social Security number? They steal one from a dead guy!

Now I don’t know how this happened but the Social Security Number currently being used by the President of the United States since 1979, (it’s on his tax forms posted on line) is 042-68-4425! That number was issued in Connecticut to Harrison Bounel who is long since deceased. This is NOT the only Social Security number used by “our President”, none of which were originally issued to him! There is substantial information on line regarding Obama and his Social Security number plight! If this is true and I have no doubt it is, IT”S UNBELEIVABLE! Our freaking President uses “fake” Social Security numbers!

What’s next? …I Know!

Let’s elect another President who is every bit as shallow, dishonest, a better liar (under oath and before Congress, like her husband), a BIGGER and BETTER thief and who has the IQ of fish! Let’s give her the Nuke code book and control of the Supreme Court, our Military, our economy and let her do away with our Constitution!

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