DiPasquale Running for New York Assembly Seat in District 144

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The first time candidate and Lockport native is a graduate of Syracuse University (B.S., 1987) and the University at Buffalo (M.A., 2003, Ph.D., 2015). DiPasquale is running on issues that are resonating throughout his district. “I am seeking office to improve life in my hometown region and to create opportunity for those who see none. My priorities include local environment clean-up, proper funding in our public schools, promoting our region as an international tourism destination and most importantly, providing the citizens of District 144 with ethical and uncorrupt leadership. It’s time we had representation that puts community before immunity.” said DiPasquale.

After graduating from Syracuse University, DiPasquale worked for ABC and Fox networks in Los Angeles. He became an entrepreneur by starting his own production company and produced the films “Any Mother’s Son” and “A Father for Brittany.”  He moved to Buffalo and created the Film Studies program at the University at Buffalo where he also taught. DiPasquale also taught at Buffalo State College, the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, and Daemen College. He produced the documentary “The Roof Shall Not Fall,” the stage production “Bread and Onions” at the Kavinoky Theatre and the television show “Rise” with Joe Mesi for WGRZ. “Success in film production is not easy. It requires collaboration between people with disparate backgrounds and ideas. It requires responsible management of very large budgets. Most importantly, it requires creating consensus around a common goal – something I will do as your representative in the Assembly.” DiPasquale added.

Joe has brand-new vision for the district and is well positioned to better represent his constituents in the Assembly. Among the tourism projects he plans to spearhead are a passenger train from Niagara Falls to Lockport, and from Lockport to Olcott Beach. He also wants to restore ferry service from Youngstown to Niagara-on-the-Lake as well as service to Toronto. Refurbishment of the Niagara Post Theatre in Youngstown is also on his agenda to help bring new tourism dollars to our region.

“We must invest in infrastructure in order for economic growth to occur. We must protect and take full advantage of our Great Lakes Coastline in an effort to truly reach our fullest potential. Olcott Beach can once again benefit from a world class hotel. It is a jewel on Lake Ontario that has come back to life and is ready for even more revitalization. Lockport must be ready to celebrate the 200thanniversary of the Erie Canal taking place in six short years. You get from tourism what you put in. We need to invest for our future now.

The environment, public education and tangible ethics reform are also Joe’s major issues. DiPasquale co-founded the environmental action group Citizens Against Pollution of Niagara which was responsible for getting 18 Mile Creek designated a Superfund site and its resulting clean up.  “Remediating the former Simmonds Steel Plant in Lockport is also of great importance. We need this toxic site, and others like it situated adjacent to a residential neighborhood cleaned up sooner rather than later. We have already waited too long for action. Our air, water and soil are precious. We need to start acting responsibly while we still can. We must be more diligent and prevent additional damage to where we call home.”

“Public education must be held sacred. We must strengthen and fund education and do all we can to get Foundation Aid paid to our school districts. Our schools need this court demanded funding in order to provide teachers, administrators and students with the resources they need to succeed. Our teachers need to be unshackled to teach our children and provided all things necessary to achieve our greatest successes yet.”

“Ethics reform needs to be real. My opponent is caught up in a two-decade long history of corruption and has been granted immunities at least twice tied to his involvement in corrupt schemes. Ethics reform starts at home with a vote for me on November 6.”

“We must also deal with the opioid crisis in Niagara County. There were 339 overdoses last year. This is too many for me and certainly too many for the individuals and families impacted by this crisis. We need to get serious about the destruction these drugs are causing. We need to hold those responsible accountable for irresponsibly or illegally providing opioids and increase help for those struggling to recover from addiction. This is an epidemic we can and must stop. Our lives depend on it.”

DiPasquale says he is ready to work for District 144 and to be the catalyst of an improved, more productive relationship with Albany.

“We are truly at a precipice. The choice is clear November 6; either more of the same stagnation under this corrupt political machine’s vestiges, or a new beginning with Joe DiPasquale in the New York State Assembly. There is too much at stake for our future to be handled as business as usual. We need to move in a new direction starting now.”


Contact info:

Joe DiPasquale

DiPasquale for New York

PO Box 33

Lockport, NY 14095-0033

Tel. 716-903-4838



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