Dilaura: Senior FBI agents should interview Obama’s black ops team

 by J. Gary DiLaura;

(A retired FBI Special Agent, Gary DiLaura was legendary in his heyday for personally chasing and collaring bank robbers. He investigated terrorists and government officials for corruption. He writes regularly about issues of national security from his law enforcement perspective. His opinions are his own.)

I hope you’re following FOX news on Trump allegations about Obama wiretapping him before the election. To determine the truth, Trump needs to launch an investigation by a team of older FBI agents led by a dedicated Republican US Attorney with a special Grand Jury to investigate these allegations along with possible other acts of treason, espionage, sabotage, and violations of the Hobbs Act against the United States by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and etc.

The team must pull all wiretaps issued during a specific time period. They should be looking for insiders to flip. They are there; they must be found and flipped! Obama has, without a doubt, a very good ‘Black Ops Team’ [a covert operation team]. Who are they? Who contacts them? They need to be found.

I would also ask FBI Director James Comey, “Why didn’t the FBI confiscate Anton Scalia’s body and do an autopsy and forensic examination? Why wasn’t an FBI evidence team dispatched to the scene? Was Mrs. Scalia interviewed and asked why she agreed to cremation? Did someone pressure her?”

If Comey says, “there was no complaint, or we had no reason, then I would fire him. Either way I would investigate the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia and get Obama’s statements under oath before the Grand Jury.

To be effective, Trump must clean house, starting with the Department of Justice. Do a clean sweep with Secret Service escorting Obama appointed attorneys out of the building. There may be some protected by Civil Service. If so transfer them to a comfortable, air-conditioned FEMA trailer to study civil rights violations on the southern border. He should waste no time however in firing or relocating every Obama appointee out of critical positions in the DOJ.

Once they are out and replaced, have agents do background investigations of Republicans Trump wants to keep and interview each one for information they might posses concerning illegal acts and leaks.

It may cause minor problems for a few weeks, and a few lawsuits, but the benefits will outweigh the problems.

Then go to work and investigate Obama and Clinton. A lot of people already know a lot.  Some are ready  or can be persuaded to flip.
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