The “Democratic” Party… Why They Got Trounced!


By J Gary DiLaura

Let’s examine what could be the causes;

HONESTY- There was none!

INTEGRITY- What’s that?

EXCUSES- (Hillary) It’s not my fault, it’s Russia…no…my people (Debbie, Donna, Huma)… they did it!

LIES (Short list)-(Hillary)  I was never trained on classified documents but I am the MOST qualified candidate EVER!

Just because I can’t remember some silly things, like who I sent secret information to (because of my TBI) doesn’t mean I shouldn’t become President, does it… maybe it would be beneficial if the President could forget some things anyways…don’t you agree?

I believe in the correct interpretation of the second Amendment… that is, our Military, our Police, and my body guards should carry guns but not plain, old, regular, “deplorable” citizens.

Like all Democrats, I firmly believe in the first amendment’s freedom of speech…as long as they agree with me! If not, just talk over them, ignore their question and NEVER admit to anything…NEVER and oh… get their names!

I believe in our election system, as long as I win. If I lose, we should change it. How? So I win, silly!

I love debates, as long as I get the questions from the commentators before, it’s so much easier with the correct answers. After all, my answers were almost as if I rehearsed them, weren’t they, but they were spontaneous, honest!

I beat Bernie fair and square, didn’t we Debbie?…well?…didn’t we?

The Democratic party is open and prides itself on being honest…unless it looks like they’re going to lose…then screw it…do whatever it takes to win, just ask Bernie, Debbie, Donna and  CNN!

TRUE REASON… the American people will NEVER accept a “Socialist Democratic” society, NEVER, as long as they know what the Democrat Party is really peddling. Had Obama told America the truth about his “change”, his “Muslim beliefs” (his words) and his hatred towards America ( his Reverend’s words), he would NEVER have been elected. I don’t believe he won honestly and that there was significant voter fraud. Remember, Romney won every state with voter ID!

The Democracy THEY want but will never tell you to your face, is the Democracy where there are no guaranteed rights, like a Constitution or Bill of rights. They want a TRUE socialist society so they can make the laws they want, like Obama did, with his cell phone and a pen and agencies like the EPA and IRS. They don’t want a cumbersome separation of power like a Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branch. That’s too many people to deal with…just one ruler, like Islam, China, Venezuela has. It is so much easier… just make the laws, if they disagree…kill them, simple! The reason our “youth” (18 year olds) are so stupid is because since they were 10 they only knew Barack Obama as a role model. See what happens when we allow affirmative action to take over the White House? Fact is…there is only ONE profession in the US with NO affirmative action. Do you know what that is, where everything is based strictly on ability and nothing else? If you said “professional sports”…you are CORRECT. Try suing the Celtics for height, race (not enough white players) or age discrimination and see how far you get! Think about that for a while… sad, isn’t it?  Unimportant jobs like police, firefighter, Border Patrol, FBI can’t hire based upon ability and qualifications only but the Celtics can!

If you are a Democrat and think I am wrong then what Clinton and Obama fed you, you swallowed hook, line and sinker and I see why you do not understand why she lost. You need to do some soul searching because you have been totally duped by Obama, Hillary and the “Democratic” party. They have hijacked your Democrat party out from under your noses and made it the “Socialist Democratic” party without you realizing what they did!  Hillary telling private gatherings of money people, one thing, then you and me another, is not unique among Democrats today. It’s the way the “Democratic” party works and will continue unless YOU do something about it.

If you think the “civil unrest” over Trump’s winning is spontaneous, then you must believe chickens have lips. It’s Obama and George Soros covering up what they plan on trying to do to President Elect Trump. You figure it out!

There is nothing wrong with wanting society to offer more social benefits, when we are down on our luck, but there IS something wrong if you want this government to take care of all your food, lodging, health and education and also lead you around by the nose just because you don’t want to work and be an American. If you want a socialist country look to Cuba, Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea or ANY socialist country because, believe it or not, that’s what Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, the idiots Reid, Feinstein, Boxer all want but will NEVER admit ! Just pick the MOST SUCCESSFUL socialist nation you can find and let me know how you make out! No private ownership, no guns so you can revolt when you realize how stupid you were, no free speech. Just do as you are told but if you disagree, that’s OKAY, just try our new showers before you leave and don’t let that funny smell bother you. It will go away shortly!

Trust me, you will be very happy Trump won…he just saved your lives but some of us are still too dumb to realize it!

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