Demetrius Nix Announces Plans to Run for Mayor; Wants to ‘Make Niagara Falls Great Again’

NIX FOR MAYOR! Make Niagara Falls Great Again!

Demetreus Nix wants to make the entire City of Niagara Falls Great.

Not just LaSalle and DeVeaux, but Garden Highland and the South End.

He filed notice with the Niagara County Board of Elections that he will run for Niagara Falls mayor.

Nix said he believes Niagara Falls can be a great place, but he feels the Restaino administration has catered to cronies and achieved little.

“Nothing about us without us, because ‘We All We Got’” said the entrepreneur and community activist. “We need to take back our city. We need home ownership, jobs and year-round tourism, not a poorly placed hockey rink next to the casino.”

Nix said, “Restaino had a Kumbaya moment with the Black Lives Matter protesters three years ago, but in the end, his effort did little more than generate news reports.

Nix is running on race-based themes.

Nix and his Entrepreneur School of Thought, in partnership with the Niagara University Rose Lee Ostapenko Center for Race, Equity and
Mission assembled a Race Equity Task Force.

Nix said in a press release that the Race Equity Task Force “is working toward change, not the feel-good nonsense Restaino brought to make white people feel less guilty, but real change.”

Nix wants to pressure the NFTA to open the bus station, the school district, to better communicate with parents, and working with Community Missions’ SNUG outreach program to reach at
risk people too often marginalized and criminalized.

“We need to end the school-to-prison pipeline for our young black males by working with the schools and creating jobs,” Nix said.

Nix, 36, is no stranger to the public eye as he ended up on the cover of every local news station and newspaper at the age of 14 for the murder of a 20 year old man whom Nix said was bullying him.

Nix spent nine years in prison.

If elected, he would be the first black mayor of Niagara Falls.

“My run is not about the mayor,” the father of three said. “It’s for the people. I am running to give my children and all of our children a city that grows.”

After returning from prison, Nix opened a community center that operates as an adult resource center where people from all walks of life come for help and motivation. It offers free meals, housing and job resources, bathing opportunities and change of clothes to people who have no place to go.

Nix founded Nix Contracting and Management, where he trains and offers jobs to people who are capable of working, but incapable of completing an application.

“No one should be left behind,” Nix said. His slogan is “WE ALL WE GOT.”

Nix says he differs with Restaino on many issues. While Restaino prioritizes “using money on magic bullets and helping big investors,” Nix proposes revitalization of local businesses and helping home owners.

Mayor Robert Restaino.

He wants to focus on little things like fixing the streetlights on Third Street. Nix supports term limits, and asks for an open accountable full time city hall to offer daily public access.

“I am a role model for our struggling youths who dream and want change,” he said. “I pray for those parents who desperately pray for their children to return from the wrong path to becoming productive members. When I am in office, we will change Niagara Falls for good. Our people will have an example to talk about for generations to come. Our community needs examples to restore hope! I will bring hope, motivation and unity. We can unite the people and make Niagara Falls Great again!”

Nix has secured an endorsement from the Social Democrats of Western New York and says many national organizations and celebrities including Master P, Lil Romeo and Cedric The Entertainer have contacted him and offered support.

But he wants his support from the community.

Nix said, “My power is in my ability to register the ‘Unreachables’ that for decades no one has been able to get to vote.”

Almost 400 new registered voters signed up within a month on Nix’s campaign.

The Primary Election Day is June 27th.

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