Debilitated Dog needs Helping Hand


A Niagara Falls woman has reached out to the Reporter to help save a family dog, which is desperately ill.

“Please help Belle,” Jessica Lynn Stewart pleaded on Facebook, “She is a 4 month old mastiff/bull dog and has just been diagnosed with a rare medical condition. She has a liver shunt and without surgery she had no chance of survival. A liver shunt is where a blood vessel did not connect to the correct spot in her liver when she was developing, because of this her blood cannot keep her protein levels up, which is causing fluid to leak into her abdomen. Belle is the sweetest, happiest and most energetic puppy I’ve ever seen.”


Stewart started a GoFundMe page (Project save Belle) that has raised a few hundred dollar so far, but needs more. “I helped raise her from the time she was four weeks old and I have her brother and they love each other a lot, and she has so much life to live!! Please help by taking the time to share and if you can please donate. The couple that owns her have a two-year-old child, so please help them be able to grow up together!”

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