DA, Sheriff Take to Airwaves to Warn About DWI Dangers

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By: Tony Farina

The dangers of drinking and driving, especially during these holiday times, are vividly brought home in a STOP DWI special being broadcast this week through Friday continuously for  24 hours a day on Niagararadio.net, the Studio Show, the popular Sal Paonessa internet radio-tv program.

The county’s top prosecutor and acting sheriff took part in the program to alert parents and young people about the terrible consequences and tragedy that can result on the road from driving and drinking.

“We wanted people to be able to see just what can happen to people’s lives if they are arrested for DWI,” said Acting Sheriff Michael Filicetti who was joined in the show by District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek, Capt. Robert Richards of the Sheriff’s Department, and host Sal Paonessa, a retired Niagara Falls police lieutenant and a part-time Town of Niagara police officer.


Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek


Particularly gripping are video and dramatizations of the sometimes late-night visits to the family of a drunk driving accident victim by officers to inform family members of a death, often of a young person just starting out in life.  It is not for the faint of heart but should sound the alarm bells for parents of young people who need to monitor their children’s behavior.

Also, the show highlights what happens to someone stopped and arrested for DWI, the booking and arraignment process and the prosecution in court, an unpleasant and life-changing experience that can potentially lead to jail time.     

“We are hoping parents watch this and take the steps necessary to protect their family members,” said Paonessa, “warning young people what potentially awaits them on the road if they drink and drive, consequences that could change their lives forever.

  Sal says the program will run every day through Friday during these holiday times and he is hoping that parents and young people check it out and get some good advice avoiding a DWI accident or arrest, an experience that no parents or young people need to enjoy the holidays.


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