Cuomo’s Favorability Rating Drops to Near-Record Low, Nixon Cuts Lead from 47 to 31 Points, Poll Shows

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Sienna College Poll Shows Finds Cuomo’s Popularity Plummets Following Former Top-Aide’s Conviction & Tough Primary Opponent



Cuomo’s favorability rating fell to 49% positive and 44% negative, which match his lowest rating as governor. This represents a drop of 27 points since January.

Sienna summarized their findings as follows:


“Matching His Lowest Favorability Rating as Governor, Cuomo
Still Maintains Solid Leads Over Nixon, Molinaro, DeFrancisco

Cuomo More Known, Viewed More Favorably than Nixon Among Dems;
Nixon Cuts Deficit from 47 to 31 Points; Cuomo Leads 58-27 Percent”

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