Cuomo Says Decision on Schools Will Be Made In August

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By: Staff Reporter

Governor Cuomo addressed the issue on minds of families across New York State during his Coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020; schools.

For weeks, parents, teachers, and school administrations have been eagerly awaiting guidance from New York State on whether or not schools would re-open in the fall.

Today, Governor Cuomo stated, “nobody wants the schools open more than I do. But we want it to be safe.”

Cuomo stated he understands the pressure on the State to have children back in schools in September. He said the decision will be made in August.

Cuomo says the state is consulting with stakeholders on schools and gave the following dates as guidelines for moving the decision-making process along:

July 13: The state will finalize guidance

July 31: Schools must have their plans submitted

August 1-7: State will make a decision on reopening

Cuomo also criticized President Trump’s threat to cut funding from schools that won’t reopen, stating that, “it’s not up to him.”


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